Dog Health Symptom: Does your dog itch like crazy but has no parasites?

Dog Health Symptom: Does your dog itch like crazy but has no parasites?


dog dermatitisAre you worried that your dog may have a serious dog health symptom due to his bothersome itchy skin?  Does he scratch uncontrollably but without any apparent signs of fleas or tics?  Dog health symptoms such as this may not be related to those nasty little parasites after all.


One such dog health symptom is called Dermatitis.  Just like people experience hay fever, dogs also suffer the same type of fever.  The main difference is that while men and women will show signs of being congested and will sneeze a lot after inhaling pollen, dogs will immediately come down with bothersome itchy skin that makes them scratch like crazy.


The allergy is very progressive and works very fast to show signs of the dog health symptom of Dermatitis.  Take notice of most typical cases where your dog may start itching around the months of August and September.  Dog health symptoms will generally always start during these two months.  Your pet will become extremely sensitive to other substances.


While carrying this dog health symptom, she will also start itching badly in the tree pollen season of March and April.  But it is not over yet.  Because your pet is carrying the dog health symptom of Dermatitis, she will then start scratching during the grass pollen season of May, June, and typically early July.


As you can see by now, this dog health symptom can be very serious and eventually lead to year-round scratching problem.  Your dog will become so sensitive to all other substances around them that she could start reacting violently to the simple dust and mold that is found around most houses.


If your dog is less than six months old (a puppy) then you usually will not need to worry about the dog health symptom of dermatitis.  Typically, Dermatitis begins in dogs at a later age of three years old.  But do not think that you can discount any particular breed.  All breed of dog can be affected by Dermatitis.


Remember, Dermatitis is a dog health symptom that can last a very long time and cause severe discomfort to your dogs skin.  As stated above, it can affect most any breed, but is especially a concern for West Highland White Terriers, Dalmatians, Poodles, and White Haired Fox Terriers.


Is there a treatment for this dog health symptom?  There are indeed treatments but it is necessary to talk to your veterinarian.  Your vet will run a skin test first to determine the cause of the dog health symptom in question.  The treatment may lead to cortisone and a series of injections to stop the allergic sensitivity.

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