Kpop Music Mondays – U-Kiss “Tick Tack”

For more, go to On Facebook: On Twitter: Watch the Full Playlist here: This week we review U-Kiss’ “Tick Tack” for Kpop Music Monday and wonder in amazement at Kiseop’s superhuman strength. –The Showdown– U-Kiss “Tick Tack” – (teaser) (official video) IU “You and I” – Thanks to B1A4 Chile for the Spanish subs! Woot! —
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25 Responses to Kpop Music Mondays – U-Kiss “Tick Tack”

  1. Azalea Ashlyn Haszlan says:

    Martina said spice up th place a bit which means decorate the place. So, in their next comeback which is Doradora, U-KISS’s next room is a bedroom with a bed stuck to a wall, or maybe the manager need to learn more about directions… And also responsible for painting their own rooms, just look at the pure white sofa. They r so creative!

  2. Jesseca Delacruz says:

    I don’t get itT.T I’m new could you please explain?

  3. dgraymanluver says:

    They actually say ‘To lie’ and not ‘Tonight’ in this song. I think it’s about lying to a girl and such.

  4. KPDlover123 says:

    I love how Simon says IU ewww

  5. musicchic7410 says:

    I would improve my English before I started talking crap about Americans.

  6. brenda rassalle says:

    I like this song very very much<3 I love U-KISS

  7. cibella1000 says:

    not evrybody is american

  8. Siri Knutson says:

    SIMON!!! I really really really want your t-shirt

  9. memoryandlove says:

    what I like about kpop is the fact they include English within their songs, even when they aren’t always fluent in the language the fact that they still include it in their music shows that they want their music to be international, they want everyone to enjoy their music not just one place or culture but all of them. So even if we can’t understand the Korean parts of the songs we can still enjoy the music and understand the English bits along with the emotions they portray when they sing.

  10. mehrongx33 says:

    what does being korean or not have to do with an interest in music? so what you are basically trying to say is people that aren’t korean or dont understand korean can’t listen to korean music? thats basically saying korean people can’t listen american music.. yeah seems legit.. also people who don’t understand korean and listen to kpop can watch english subbed videos.. i mean that’s what those videos are for.

  11. Michelle Vo says:

    Isn’t to lie

  12. Azalea Ashlyn Haszlan says:

    3:08 “Spice up the place a bit.”
    ((My mind)): Dora Dora
    Like if you get it ☺

  13. xxSmilingclouds1x says:

    @Christine Song Lol. I have bad days too but I don’t insult people and shit. Go write in a diary or punch a wall or do something else besides take it out on fandoms. And kpop fans will claw your throat out if you say something we don’t like. :)

  14. SHINeeShawol123 says:

    are you Korean? if you are, you are a disgrace, and BTW Simon and Martina BOTH know how to speak and understand some korean

  15. Fellan Kjellgren says:

    U-kiss Tick Tack 333

  16. musanarutofan says:

    LOL Simon. The actual lyrics are “To lie I shall be here.”

  17. Maurilio Santos says:

    5:16 = Me.

  18. LisaCardinal12 says:

    Kevin said it was to lie lol

  19. seaglass19 says:

    i live in america and i dont understand korean but i listen to kpop. why? because i really like the way it sounds. basically i listen to kpop solely for the way it sounds (including the way korean sounds) without having to pay attention to lyrics that i dont always relate to. i actually think its very strange that you wouldnt want other people to take part in your culture

  20. Kyothecatxx says:

    …that wasn’t ignorant at all -.-.

  21. alilbit18 says:

    One year later!!! And this is still funny!

  22. ShiranaiT says:

    Hmm… about U-KISS having this Disney feel in their songs… I don’t know what to think about their single “Cinderella” then ..

  23. mizdeja27 says:

    Hey girl can i get u a drink, just kidding i have no drink…….or refridgerator…….or kitchen…..or washroom lolololol!!

  24. Emily Wong says:

    it just depends on what version the songs in. the japanese version has the words, To lie, i shall be here and the korean version has the lyrics, Tonight, we’re gonna party

  25. kayxkell says:

    Jpop music Tuesdays? Yes, please.

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