The first step toward excellent pet health in 2013 is choosing a high quality natural wholesome food with real and recognizable ingredients for your cat. After that you have to choose between wet and dry food. While dry food is convenient for many owners, I do recommend that cats eat some canned food every day.

A cat’s body is made of 75% water and many cats do not drink enough water every day to support excellent hydration and organ function. In order to provide additional water (as well as some food and flavor variety), I recommend at least 25% to 50% of a cat’s daily calories come from canned food.

If your cat has been strictly eating dry food, adding canned food to her meal is a nice way to increase the amount of protein and decrease the amount of carbohydrates she eats every day.

Cats are obligate carnivores and have a very high daily protein requirement with no real requirement for carbohydrates. Many conditions—such as feline obesity and feline diabetes—can be aggravated by feeding excessive amounts of carbohydrates. Adding canned food to your cats menu is another great step toward good health in 2013!

Should you want to mix Halo wet and dry food for your cat daily or occasionally, these are Halo’s suggestions for balanced proportions so you don’t over feed.


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