Skateboarding Dog

Tillman the skateboarding bulldog from the iphone commercial. All clips are from January 2007. Tillman was a little over a year old at the time. A little history of this first video. I Filmed the video using a just purchased Panasonic Lumix TZ1. I was bicycling through Venice Beach California when I came upon the skateboarding dog. Originally the first video had the soundtrack “Giving In” by linkin Park. Once the video appeared in iphone commercials I removed the video from youtube because of the attention it was getting and I had no rights to use the song. As time approached for Apple’s release of the iphone with youtube, youtube contacted me and requested I reinstate the video without the soundtrack. Youtube wanted users to be able to view the skateboarding dog in the store and after purchasing their iphone. Unfortunately youtube gave me only a few hours to re-edited video before the iphone release. The original background sound on most of the clips was ruined by hysterical laughter from a woman watching Tillman so I cut and pasted sound in from other parts of the video to cover the laughter. That’s why some claim they hear the word eskimo over and over-lol. When the original video with the Linkin Park soundtrack was selected it had around 15000 views.

While dealing with Holly’s food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand. Dog Whisperer: Premieres SAT, Sep 15, 8P et/pt

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46 Responses to Skateboarding Dog

  1. elwoodthebulldogman says:

    How did you make him so enthusiastic. Do you skateboard. My dog elwood would have copied anything I did. I am training my puppy but she just likes food reward.. She is never going to want to do it for fun

  2. Alberth MG says:

    Wow this video is great. Dogs are so clever! My  6 month old Patterdale Terrier Oddie included. Dogs make great companions. Oddie has his own videos on my channel and also appears in my video vlogs.

  3. jucariecubaterie says:

    Troppo forte questo bulldog!!! E poi dicono che è pigro…

  4. Shadez HumanLastName says:

    OMG i was here!

  5. schweigert2424 says:

    Meaty is his name

  6. camisetasskate says:


  7. stylerxcv says:

    What is the name from the dog??

  8. codycantu21 says:

    That’s an awesome dog

  9. awjunwei83 says:


  10. ahmedalijasalihovic says:

    Odličnio, sve  je odlicno

  11. tsonthana says:

    In his free time, he smokes weed and watches Cool Runnings until he passes out

  12. TheNIKEMAN6116 says:

    This dog is a bad ass! (In a good way)

  13. Xavier White says:

    having trouble coming to terms with basic facts? lol i never thought i would have to make this comment seriously look around and what do you see? people going to work every day to feed there familys, do they life a happy world of warcraft filled life like you with no worries of course not now cancel your subscription and go get a life and get laid you sad little gay

  14. 333robster says:

    why did he trip him up 0:49

  15. Kyle Huerta says:

    I want to see him drop in or else… il give it a thumbs down with all 7 of my accounts

  16. XxxGiuliJulixxX says:


  17. Rachel Bieber says:


  18. dangomez2000 says:

    DAM Dogie!

  19. tom gj says:

    i do love a bit of bulldog

  20. tom gj says:

    this is the stuff that gets me going

  21. Josh Montgomerie says:

    What is that faggot doing at 0:50? trying to trip the poor dog up… what a kill joy!

  22. derick rodriguez says:

    Will pay any price if you tell me how my teach my dog!

  23. fishsurfer35 says:

    e bravissimo questo cane

  24. ztechnnalexbomb says:

    Cool dogs skating

  25. martianlynx says:

    Yup.. Its either Holly needs to get a shot of vaccines due to rabies or Holly was not properly raised due to living wildly. Holly was probably one of those dogs that were snatched from the streets and wás not raised properly.. What I do to my dog while in a puppy. I teach my dog a discipline. So that my dog will never bite. Just make act of biting. :) )

  26. iLoveYourMumsBum says:

    He should have seen it coming, he negatively re-inforced his dominance by stepping over her food and making aggressive snapping motions. Then he stepped in while waving his finger in her face.
    LOL i dont even have a dog, i am so full of shit :)

  27. BasRougeKNVP says:

    Cesar doesn’t have a ‘pack’ he has a bunch of dogs.

  28. Trevor Morelli says:

    Cesar knows what he is doing. Everyone has different methods and this is his.

  29. CrAzyAsSiLeNt says:

    Hahaa.. If u have a child then get your ass big bird instead! lames

  30. Kzinix says:

    Dogs have been selectively bred to interact with humans for thousands of years. Their ability to learn from us is amazing, you can teach them (without force) that you’re a provider rather than a thief. Why would you take food from your dog for no apparent reason? Just because you can? A dog doesn’t understand this and will react, which isn’t its fault. CM fails to tackle the underlying problem: a negative association with humans around the dog’s food. He addresses the reaction, not the cause.

  31. Kzinix says:

    Whether you agree or not, reliable scientific studies have shown that the dominance theory isn’t accurate. It’s normal for animals to protect their food, it has little to do with bad training. Even without intimidation, it’s no wonder that the dog became aggressive when no one responded to the signals she was giving. Teaching the dog that you were providing food rather than taking it away for no apparent reason (just because you can?), wouldn’t have fuelled the aggression.

  32. rickyirishman says:

    learn to read and then go read all of my other comments the message me again maybe you will stop worshipping at cesar millans feet.

  33. Christina Almodobar says:

    Wow, wow! Shocking!!! I like some of his methods, but not this one. I feel there is a safer and better way to address food aggression in dogs. Dominating a dog does more damage in my opinion. I have a cane corso who is food aggressive (not to this extent) but we are working on positive reinforcement and making it a fun experience and showing him we are the provider for his food with hand feeding him, food exchange, from what my breeder says this is the best alternative. I love Victoria Stillwell

  34. deafrhymes2021 says:

    good grammer jones

  35. deafrhymes2021 says:

    Your a dog trainer? Learn some grammar and how to spell then. Cesar has a pack with over 50 dogs and I am pretty sure they get along just well. I am also pretty sure Daddy who is no longer alive was Cesars dog….a perfect pitbull. I am also pretty sure that Cesar has saved many dogs lives who were about to be put down. Learn something first.

  36. vcoccia88 says:

    This dudes a quack

  37. d33jay43 says:

    well i am seeing 2 things here:

    1. Not a pure bred Labrador Retriever
    2. Labrador (Holly) is not raised well/properly

  38. beefforhire says:

    woah, never seen a labrador do that shit lol

  39. ericssoncbr600rr44 says:

    I think u need get punch in the fuckin face lol like that dog

  40. bobby choch says:

    dude shut the fuck up with youre gay shit

  41. hollowghost2 says:

    Sounds like you’re just making conspiracies lol.

  42. ericssoncbr600rr44 says:

    Jessie u stfu Im experience dog trainer u don’t know what ur mad or talking about its call take in control and dominant over the dog

  43. Fordhamlodge247 says:

    Poor thing

  44. Jessie ponymad x says:

    you should go just die you sick sick person

  45. TheOndore says:

    omfg you think this is wolves training? please study a little bit about the subject before typing such randmoness, you don’t have an ideia what you’re talking about.

  46. AVBsicfan says:

    i think the light foot kick from Cesar was more of a reflex reaction then on purpose

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