Takin’ Some Girl Time

I had about a million things I wanted to share with you guys via a Friday is for Favorites post today, but ended up burying myself in an obsessive fury of tax madness until the wee hours of the night last night (and then was haunted by the “bloop” sound of QuickBooks in my dreams).  Do you ever do that?  Start working on a big project that you really dislike (in my case, pretty much anything involving numbers), and submerge yourself to the point where you can’t stop? And not because you’re enjoying it, but because you unrealistically convince yourself that if you just keep going and going without a break you might actually get it all done in one day?  That was me you guys.  I swear, I try my best to be consistent with bookkeeping for my businesses throughout the year, but there is, without fail, always a cluster of random loose ends (uncategorized expenses, a mystery check number, math that just doesn’t add up) that I’m left to solve the following January.  Despite my best efforts yesterday, I’m still not done.  But I did put a huge dent in it, and that’s good enough for me.  

As for the picture above that at this point has seemingly nothing to do with this post…  That’s my mom, pregnant with my little sister, and me, pretending to be pregnant alongside her.  Between yesterday’s accounting marathon and my waves of feeling sorry for myself that this is the first weekend of many that Robbie will be on the road, I decided that a spontaneous adventure (no matter how small) would do me good.  If it involved some quality girl time, even better. So I called my mom, who I knew had plans to get out of the Chicago area for the weekend to go visit my sister in Indianapolis, and I told her I was tagging along.  The three of us were supposed to have a Baswell Girls hang at my sister’s for a few days after Christmas, but my flu-induced barfing spree put a damper on those plans.  And now that we’ve all gotten this season’s evil sickies that are going around out of the way, we’re attempting it again.  My mom, sis and I are very close, but we have completely conflicting schedules and live in different places and just aren’t able to all get together that often.  I’m really looking forward to a couple days with them, dorking out over girly movies and red wine. 

What are you up to this weekend?   Anybody else have plans for a girl-time hang?

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