Flea Control: Flea Control using Lavender Oil

Fleas and ticks can drive you and your pet crazy if they get out of control. Show those fleas the door with this simple home remedy using a lavender oil infused mist that’s safe for the pet and for you. Note: I would use this remedy once every 2-3 days. However, if the problem is bad use it once a day. Spray the pet and all of their feeding and sleeping areas.

Flea – Funk Slap Bass Lesson

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50 Responses to Flea Control: Flea Control using Lavender Oil

  1. voorheesbr00tal says:

    im gonna try this today, i got fleas bad in home at mo, so hopefully will sort this, thank u

  2. MsJayree says:

    I have Lavender Febreeze, candles, I love the smell! You have a very good point, so I’m going to use it as soon as I get to the local health food store. Thank you so much =)

  3. amarige25 says:

    I did extensive research before I used this remedy on my cat and I did hear the risks and that it was toxic to cats but honestly so is the poison in those flea remedies. Have u noticed how the cats foam at the mouth when u give them frontline and Sergeant’s. My cat doesn’t do that when i put lavender on her. I used this on two cats and i have been happy with the results. Honestly lavender is in plugins and room deodorizers and i have never seen my cats get sick from it so I’m fine with it.

  4. MsJayree says:

    Trying to find the best things for my cats/dogs, a lot of people are saying these oils aren’t good for cats- – is that a bunch of BS or have you found that out too in the past 2 years? i know some people are all for the chemicals used nowadays and would listen to anything their vets tell them: but I’d like to know, is the lavender safe for your cat now? Thank you!

  5. amarige25 says:

    Sorry about that. :(

  6. Jodice Edwards says:

    My mom bought this All natural Flea medicine. OMG My cat NightStripe smell like mint. I put it onhim 2 day ago my whole bedroom smells like minty freshness.

  7. amarige25 says:

    It kills and repels the fleas. Fleas hate lavender.

  8. pennvloger says:

    ok so it repels them but does it kill them?

  9. amarige25 says:

    Stay with it sister. But honestly, you will have to spray your pets with this solution, the carpet, the furniture and the places where they like to sleep. Also, you should get you some Carpet Fresh or some carpet freshener and sprinkle it on the rug. This will make the little suckers uncomfortable too. You can do it sister. It worked for me. I swear by it. Keep in mind you have to be vigilant and vacuum often b/c they reproduce every 3 days.

  10. angelak2100 says:

    I realllllllllllllly hope it helps mee i had no where else to turn my hubby was soo close to rehoming my petss :( will try this asapp

  11. rensanslady says:

    RIGHT ON!!!!

  12. amarige25 says:

    yes. ticks and fleas hate lavender. that’s y i love it.

  13. godsfiddler says:

    Does this work to repel ticks and mosquitoes on dogs?

  14. amarige25 says:

    I have been using this as needed since 2009, and I haven’t looked back. My kitty goes on the balcony every day and she is fine. I’m glad it works because I hated to see her scratch so much back in the day. She would give herself sores. Now, she is fabulous. :)

  15. Barbara Jankowski says:

    great vid i’m gonna try it thanks

  16. amarige25 says:

    duly noted :)

  17. foundmyniche says:

    great info offered but….next time you might try turning off the noise(music) so that your voice can be heard.

  18. amarige25 says:

    Thank you. I had to dig deep to buy that Frontline. It was like $46-65. I bought it every summer and then the last two summers it stopped working as if they put sugar water in it. I found this and I am in love because I keep the solution on hand. I’ll spray her one time in 2 months and she will be fine. She’s an indoor cat, but she goes out on my 2nd flr. balcony, so she gets itchy every now and then. No foaming at the mouth like the Frontline used to do to her.

  19. dgonthehill says:

    Thank you!!!Been looking for flea help for 2 years.Like you said,frontline dont work no more.Used for many years.Before that had powder that was excellent.That been gone.This is cheap and you are a blessing.May YHSHUA bless your finances forevermore. Diane, Luke 4:18 ministry.

  20. daisy752 says:

    I think using diluted organic apple cider vinegar is a better natural choice for cats because they lick themselves and I don’t think any type of essential oil should be ingested by anyone, especially pets even in small amounts.

  21. amarige25 says:

    They don’t get fleas any more because before I would have to wait to get the money up to buy the Frontline, but one 4 oz. mixture lasts years. Plus, it freshens up the home, too. If your cat goes out side, I would spray him once a week at first, for say two weeks and then try to stretch it out to avoid toxic overload.

  22. amarige25 says:

    I would say this should last about 2-3 weeks maybe even longer. Once I got in the routine like 3 times in say a few months, I didn’t have to keep doing it any longer. I would spray their bedding down, places where they like to sleep and lay and the area around their food. I would lift up their bowl, spray (my cat bowls are by wooden cupboards), wait a minute to let the scent dissipate and then I would put the bowls back. My cat is a house cat only, but still got fleas.

  23. TruthSmack says:

    How long does it last for and does your cat go outside? Thanks!

  24. kelita montuelle says:

    thank u!!!

  25. amarige25 says:

    i heard that infuser is much safer to use also. It just sounded too involved. You have to get a stone and everything. I might look at it later though. Thanks.

  26. Sammy Hartig says:


  27. Plague1Studios says:

    Is the interviewer River Phoenix?

  28. nequ11 says:

    Flea is such a chill dude haha love<3

  29. Sebastian Peralta says:

    the interviewer is sooo boring

  30. BrianMcKenna2 says:

    Yeah, I looked them up. They look similar but you’re right.

  31. lbrasz44 says:

    Haha yeah they do look similar at first glance because of the pickgaurd but even so, fleabass’ generally have brighter colours and the pickguard is a circle that isn’t right next to the neck.

  32. BrianMcKenna2 says:

    At first glance it looked a lot like some of the older ones.

  33. lbrasz44 says:

    He’s playing a musicman stingray. The fleabass only existed a few years and this interview occured at least 20 years ago…

  34. BrianMcKenna2 says:

    In his hands. Hence my saying “He’s PLAYING a Fleabass,”

  35. Leroy Dave says:

    Where do you see a Fleabass?

  36. BrianMcKenna2 says:

    He’s playing a Fleabass, he invented them. You can buy them from Fleabass.com.

  37. Felix Maynard says:

    what did you film this on? I’m guessing the breville mkVI 4 slice

  38. arthur boyd says:

    john paul jones and john entwhistle

  39. Alec12Ryan says:

    If Flea ever fingered a woman, she’d die..

  40. kyuubilinkinpark says:

    Flea calm down

  41. Franc Black says:

    brilliant demo … but not really a lesson, I couldn’t see a thing !

  42. ryan martin says:


  43. TheCoopman39 says:

    It’s amazing how humble he is!

  44. fdunin1 says:

    whats this george clinton song?

  45. romanticrobozombie says:

    I got a blister just watching this…

  46. TimmehTRP says:

    He’s good, but he’s not Flea.

  47. fwimble says:

    Im not used to seeing this guy with a shirt

  48. FunkAndFriends says:

    tough one… tough one, greet the sacred cow is a perfect example of claypool but aeroplane shows flea’s great bass playing

  49. Disturbedboy619 says:


  50. RHCPFemaleFlea says:

    And THIS is why no one will ever be as good as Flea.

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