GTA 4 – Mission #84 – Pest Control

Grand Theft Auto IV Mission Walkthrough Video (NO SPOILER – Storyline cutscenes are not shown in this video) Mission No. 084 Location: Alderney, Liberty City Mission Name: Pest Control Mission Boss: Jimmy Pegorino For more, visit: ● ● http
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25 Responses to GTA 4 – Mission #84 – Pest Control

  1. Druffmaul says:

    All of the gas pumps did explode. The rest of the stuff didn’t explode because there’s no gasoline inside it.

  2. PineapplesAndPandas says:

    Protip: take an ambulance and turn the sirens on. The convoy will stop and you can comfortably blast both cars with an RPG

  3. myth hunter PX says:


  4. Dimitri Rascolov says:

    thats gta 4 logic for you lol

  5. yohi araya says:

    ayudaaaa , despues de esta misiooon no me salieron mas… alguien sabe por que ? q tengo q hacer para q me sigan saliendo ? graciaaas

  6. NikoLiberty1000 says:

    Oh I can’t fucking wait for the gta 5 version of this mission!!!

  7. joadel20 says:

    GTA V

  8. breakingbad9 says:

    oolol :d xd

  9. fl83700 says:

    New artwork GTA V ” Pest Control ” :) 

  10. khalildu78 says:

    Like a mission in Gta San Andreas ! whene you follow the girl in her car XD

  11. SRWouter says:

    Or you can call Dwayne’s men for help :)

  12. SRWouter says:

    That was smart of you !

  13. iknowme says:

    this mission is the one where they actually want you to take advantage of Packie’s bombs. You’re supposed to have learned from the Gerald mission where you plant the bomb on the dude’s car and blow it up at the plant. you can plant a bomb on Ray’s car before you park at the mission marker.

  14. AlejandritisAguda says:

    hello friend, i can’t speak english very good, soy de mexico, can you put subtitles in spanish pleasse?, becouse i have 11 years old and i can’t speak are awesome playing gta! tanks.

  15. Arthur Figuerôa says:

    Is this Runescape? LOLS

  16. Ciaraxoxo100 says:

    Got this on my first try

  17. Scott Camp says:


  18. TheMSpence89 says:

    @GTASeriesShows I did the toolbooth thing

  19. GTASeriesShows says:

    its still on mc PELEASE SEND A LINK

  20. fralexjames says:

    they don’t actually spot you if you drive right behind them

  21. Jeansowaty says:

    2:44 Ray fail XD

  22. kaan123ful says:

    I won this mission and mission 85 didnt come the faq help me out pleaz

  23. TomcanProduction says:

    Haha, I did this mission the other way. I just started to shoot the cars and Ray. Killed them all in like 30 seconds xD

  24. Wintd1 says:

    Funnily enough, in the beta version you were going to be given a choice whether you want to kill Phil or Ray. However Rockstar scrapped this towards the end for unknown reasons, forcing you to kill Ray instead.

  25. Little Medo says:

    what is the last mission number

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