My boxer’s skin issues along his back after being treated with Pet Armor…

We applied Pet Armor in December 2011 and in mid-January, we noticed that the skin, all the way from the back of his head, just below his crown, all the way down to between his front shoulder blades had turned very hard and was cracking. I started applying Neosporin and after about two weeks of this and no improvement, we ended up bringing him to our vet. Another symptom that he has is he tilts his head to the left, the vet called this vestibular syndrome. Since his first visit to the vet, three weeks ago today, this skin problem has spread all the way down to his tail. The treatment the vet gave him of Prednisone and an antibiotic have not helped this at all. My Boxer, Max, is in good spirits, has a very good appetite and drinks alot of water. This skin condition must itch because he tries to rub his back on anything he can to scratch it. Oh, BTW, I have also been washing his with medicated shampoo and giving him prescribed fish oil on his food. The vet is baffled why the treatments is not helping. He is putting pictures up on his own network of vets to see if anyone has seen this before. Has anyone viewing this video ever seen this before? Know what it is and what treatment my vet should use on my Max?

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  1. kr54bvv says:

    Hi, can you tell me if he is better yet and if so how you solved the problem?, we have a simillar problem with flea applied to our boxers neck, he started like this and now has spread all over his back and he gets rshes which tuen into sores and the skin drops of in small clumps with his fur, we have tried all sorts of creams from the vet and anitbiotics etc without success, we are desperate for any help as our vet seems baffled.

  2. relaxangie says:

    Is he Better yet? If not try washing him with water and backing soda. This will nutralize any chemicals that may be still in his fur.

  3. MagooTora says:

    The Prednisone could be used to treat an allergic reaction. I know some times strange reactions happen when you use any flea/tick application preventive. I have personally not seen anything like this, and it looks like you are doing what you can for him.

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