The Tick vs the Tick – Part 1

The Tick episode 7 First aired: October 22nd, 1994 Link for part 2:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

An interveiw with the Tick from the animated series
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to The Tick vs the Tick – Part 1

  1. bfarrellmcbeth says:

    this show was definately for adults lol “spelling america with a k are we” lol

  2. frederiksd says:

    Space ponies?

  3. scyth242 says:

    was doorman jim checking out aurthurs ass in 5:20?

  4. luapko says:


  5. TheSpectre235 says:

    Bary is Jim Cummings!

  6. ewanjf says:

    “This is Jet Valkyrie. A woman…” “Cool!” I goddamn love this show!

  7. Pretzil43 says:

    Cat is the tick?

  8. Toyman1982 says:

    Barry is MY favorite Tick personally hahaha!

  9. 1awareness says:


  10. kar12894 says:

    fun fact, liquid snake is the interviewer in the intro :D

  11. SageofSorrow says:

    something tells me that door man is suppose to be M. Bison(or a spoof of him)

  12. inkblotgod says:

    I’m making gravy without the lumps!!!

  13. BEATLESRAWSOME97 says:

    I am that jerk, who wants to know?

  14. Virgofenix says:

    Yeah. I never really liked it as a kid but, now, it’s sweet as fuck.

  15. Brandon Maloy says:

    Sometimes I wonder if he knows what he’s talking about?

  16. Fantezism says:

    One of the few Fox Kids cartoons I loved watching as a kid.

  17. Lagos08 says:

    I loved this episode

  18. dkupke says:


  19. chaff5 says:

    You know, other than his belly, Arthur is pretty buff.

  20. Enigma049 says:

    Midnight Bomber = Sam Kinnison

  21. Lee Waller says:

    8:40 “Where’s The Jerk Who Calls Himself The Tick?” “I Am That Jerk!” Classic Line.

  22. 1awareness says:

    2mins- 58 seconds —current (my bad)

  23. 1awareness says:

    He there for thinks that is better to be unfortunate in reasonable action then to prosper to “un-reason” For it is better in a man’s actions that; what is choose should “fail” (aka my jobs bill) Rather then that what is ill chosen should be successful owing the chance!” (A quote from the works of Epicurus) 0 mins- —all

  24. 1awareness says:

    The Republican party seems divided and clueless, and Boehner was literally forced to admit, “This may not have been politically the smartest thing in the world.” Not a great way to end your year.” (You don’t even have to read the article. the quote says it all!)
    yahoo news

  25. ty pratt says:

    evil midnight bomber what bombs at MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. HugeAIOFan says:

    TOWNSEND COLEMAN!!! My favourite voice actor :)

  27. Funi nitemare says:

    why are todays cartoons never as surreal as the tick or freakazoid

  28. RayShadow says:

    About that diamonds stuff… I think he could do that.

  29. halofan224 says:

    they should re air this

  30. youvegotmailed says:

    the 2 glamour boys that dislike this are greenlantern and ironman

  31. ewanjf says:

    I guess 1 person doesn’t like this video.

  32. crysjumar1 says:


  33. MightyTick says:

    One person can’t make energy based multiples of themselves.

  34. kamenridersliv555 says:

    1 person thinks that Super Heroes are meant to be glamour boys, not a public service.

  35. ghtyawe says:

    Can you destroy the earth… i hope not thats where i keep all my stuff

  36. ghtyawe says:


  37. RTKTS says:

    Nigh invunerability?

  38. NeeLkun says:

    and everyone knows what he means by “stuff” *wink wink* :D

  39. mmmikeyxx says:

    I bought the first season on dvd today. best investment in a longggg time :)

  40. Rynorak46 says:

    Well, kids that’s all you get. That’s it. READ A BOOK

  41. MrUberguber says:

    nothing better…nothing better!!

  42. FerretJohn says:

    In case you hadn’t noticed pretty much all of the heroes, and villains for that matter, in The Tick were silly. And intentionally so, they’re a lampoon on the “serious” heroes.

  43. Mullahgrrl says:


  44. AlfaTronDon says:

    the tick

  45. macdaddynyc says:

    Hey Simon0, the Tick is a great cartoon. It’s about 18 yrs old, and lasted for 3 awesome seasons. Check out it, man. It’s funny as hell!

  46. Simon0 says:

    a moth is even worse.! I mean come on.. what sort of creature is a moth. No offence to moths, but its a bit rubbish.

  47. dibujoton says:

    he looks… but he is a moth :D

  48. twonunpackmule says:

    Well, The Tick was first.

  49. darkvoice1997 says:

    Egad i hope not thats where i keep all my stuff.Thats from Runescape!

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