Nice Dog photos

Some cool Dog images:

Dog Shades

Image by skycaptaintwo
My dog Carmel being extemely patient…

Dog with goggles

Image by nc_hiker
I was behind this pickup truck at a stop light, and had only a moment or two in which to snap this picture and another one …. was so intrigued as to why this dog is wearing goggles/sunglasses!

When I looked at him, the eye covering looked like sunglasses. But once I looked at this photo, it almost looks like some sort of protective, perhaps therapeutic type of eye wear ?????

The dog turned full face towards me, but just then the traffic started moving, and the picture came out totally blurry, but this picture still shows a better view of this eye wear thing-y!!

Dog Agility Trials

Image by don j schulte @ oxherder arts
It was my pleasure to photograph our local Dog Agility trials again this year. It’s wonderful to see the athleticism and strong bond these dog’s have with their owners. From small to large, competitive to not-so-competitive, each dog was fun to watch and record in images. Whether it was running through rings, over jumps, through tunnels, weaving poles, or over catwalks you could tell each dog was enjoying their "work".

A few more thousand of these are loaded up on the Gallery site. This is the second year of using Smugmug and highly recommend its usage. Since I have loaded up the images the orders roll through without my involvement.

Notes: I (and my talented second shooter) shot nearly 8000 images in two eight hour days at this event. The lighting is extremely bad with two different types of light in this horse arena. It also had filtered skylights but this year it was heavy overcast and we got very little natural lighting. It made a big difference from last year. Everything was shot at ISO1600 with shutter priority trying to stay faster than 1/250 which is about the minimum acceptable for a fast moving dog. Even then each of the 1000′s of images needed lots of work in PS as each was shot a few stops underexposed. 50% of the image were thrown out as unusable. I rented a second 70-200 f/2.8 lens for the event and would highly recommend that for special lens needs.

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