OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video

Official music video for OK Go’s ‘White Knuckles’. Directed by Trish Sie and OK Go. Produced by Shirley Moyers. Special thanks to: Lauren Henry and Roland Sonnenburg and their team of trainers from Talented Animals, the town of Corvallis OR for being so welcoming to us, NYPro for donating the space. Deluxe album and White Knuckles merch packages available now at www.okgo.net
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video

  1. alexphippsy says:

    aww, recovered it though :]

  2. motherrearthbound26 says:

    I got here from my 3ds before the eshop went up this is what you got you can tell this videos ment to be in 3d

  3. Div2994 says:


  4. Charli Breeze says:

    love this soo much especially when the goat randomly buts in :)

  5. DarrenCrissLvr says:

    did anyone else get here from a klaine fanfic? lol

  6. MiniDonbeE says:

    Does anyone actually know what the lyrics are? The video is just too damn good I don’t even know the lyrics to the song.

  7. LeftyBlue says:

    OMG you’re right! I’ve watched this video, I dunno how many times and I never noticed the goat. I just never looked that closely and figured it was just a smallish white dog. Pretty random and awesome! 

  8. thecatsbananasaur says:

    Why must all their music videos be so awesome? :D

  9. cepheussky3 says:

    that random goat….^_^ hilarious!!

  10. kristinajweiss says:


  11. MDKMD5 says:

    The dog at 0:29 fucked it up. FIRE HIM!

  12. CrzyMn7 says:

    Ok no go- should be the name… Bad song.. good performs

  13. leegijin says:

    how in the world….

  14. mimaleal says:

    sure to bring a smile to your face :)

  15. petlynx says:

    2:50 a goat??? that’s cheating!!!!

  16. AnimalTrainer15 says:

    How amazing is this! Thanks for supporting animal adoptions!

  17. blindsightedkill says:

    I think OK GO are the new music video stars.

  18. kiwiblinks says:


  19. hoisflglkjasfjafsswa says:


  20. Jade Bankson says:


  21. Mina C. says:

    *squints eyes* not sure if awesome song…or awesome video 

  22. sammyenpolleke says:


  23. Mary713es says:

    Отлично, но парням бы лицо по-проще)

  24. CrniGujo says:

    2:50  A goat sneaked in :D

  25. Aenigmaa says:

    Ahh… the internet <3

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