World’s Tallest Dog – Meet The Record Breakers – Guinness World Records

SUBSCRIBE for more amazing videos: SHARE on Facebook: Click below for more information about the record! The tallest dog living is ‘Zeus’ (USA) a Great Dane, who measured 1.118 m (44 in) tall on 4 October 2011 and is owned by Denise Doorlag and her family, of Otsego, Michigan, USA. Zeus also takes over the ‘Tallest dog ever’ title from previous holder ‘Giant George’. Welcome to the official Guinness World Records YouTube channel! If you’re looking for videos featuring the world’s tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you’re in the right place. Willkommen im offiziellen Guinness World Records Kanal! Wenn du auf der Suche nach den größten, kleinsten, schnellsten, längsten, ältesten und unglaublichsten Dingen der Welt bist, dann bist du hier genau richtig. LIKE us on Facebook: FOLLOW us on Twitter: Find out more: Add us to your G+ circles:
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25 Responses to World’s Tallest Dog – Meet The Record Breakers – Guinness World Records

  1. khaghgoo says:

    Most likely it’s related to the same genetic factors which made it so tall. Taller mammals are often times more thin than shorter counterparts.

    She said they feed him a 30 pound bag every two weeks. A thirty pound bag is around 120 cups, a Great Dane of that size probably eats between 8
    and 10 cups a day so it works out about right.

  2. lolkikloll says:

    Nice horse.

  3. TheKrayolaKidzKillin says:

    Dogging Drinking Out Of The FAUCET . . Thats Just Nasty *Cleveland From Family Guy Voice*

  4. animalobsessed1 says:

    I love big dogs, but I wouldn´t want to deal with all the health issues that come along with owning one.

  5. MrFulan0 says:

    Slenderman’s dog…

  6. tracey stanphill says:

    George isn’t dead!  Gibson died, not George. Zeus is just taller than George.

  7. tracey stanphill says:

    Big Paul, I AM a great dane owner, and you’re wrong! First of all, great danes are a product of mastiffs and Irish wolf hounds, not gray hounds. Secondly, you should NEVER be able to see their vertabre…EVER! His hip bones are protruding as well. I’ve never owned a dane that ate 30 lbs of food every two weeks. They’ve all eaten much more than that, and none of them was overweight. People who think danes should be this thin should be turned in for abuse.

  8. tracey stanphill says:

    Kat, I would agree that there could be an underlying medical condition, but the owner clearly stated the Zeus only eats 30 lbs of food every two weeks. Our dane eats way more than that, and he’s not nearly as tall, but he’s at a perfect weight. I think it’s just a simple misunderstanding on their part that they think danes are supposed to be thin. I’ve met a lot of people who think that.

  9. tracey stanphill says:

    As a great dane owner, it kills me to see how skinny this dog is!!! You should be able to feel his spin and ribs, but never see them protruding like that. The poor thing’s back legs shake from lack of muscle tone. They have no business owning a dane if they don’t even know how to properly feed one.

  10. BigM161 says:

    quite the horse they have there

  11. clairmatinaustralia says:

    goodness me!!!!! Poor thing won’t live past age 6!! but impressive animal none the least!!

  12. Thepacificwaves1 says:


  13. Kapull32 says:

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  14. Mohey Saleh says:

    I came here to watch a tall dog, not a fat woman sitting on a chair!

  15. TheKarma1985 says:

    I want this dog!

  16. steverockz123 says:

    I have the book he’s big

  17. everlong3r says:


  18. planeboy1000 says:

    so… its a small horse..

  19. mzzzhedison says:

    Most dogs of that breed won’t get any thicker around their thighs, even if you over feed them. For this breed and height for a dog, he’s at a healthy weight.

  20. aryansk8tr1 says:

    OMG ! its a HE!

  21. PackaThon says:

    Funny before this was released i named my black greayt dane zeus hes 40 inches tall and 146 pounds

  22. yorkieslover says:

    wow thats a big dog! mine is really small and plays the violin, you can see him playing GANGNAM STYLE ! /watch?v=ngK66oZv798 or search it on youtube. THANKS ALL! <3

  23. Shooter12345LT says:

    is that a horse?

  24. xxxtimma123xxx says:

    If this dog were beefier I’d put a saddle on it and ride it to school haha

  25. 88crxhfb18 says:

    Feed that dog , please

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