Jacob’s got a tick

Little People, Big World Season 7 (Also known as season 4B) Episode 04 (26): Michigan Knights PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com

A family is forced to abandon their home due to a massive tick infestation. Visit animal.discovery.com

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49 Responses to Jacob’s got a tick

  1. bcr8814 says:

    Jeremy your in idiot.

  2. FuzedBox says:

    Thought I’d never hear an Oregonian pronounce their state “oreh-GONE’.

  3. xxrazzygirlsxox says:

    Just put nail polish remover on a paper towel and put it over the tick. It falls right off. My brother got a tick once when we were on vacation.

  4. crackernumber2 says:

    whats next?? jacob gets pubic hair? fuck off i hope the whole famliy gets sold to a circus

  5. ChaseTerrier says:

    I always knew Mueller is gay

  6. Angel6765 says:

    Hahahahahhaa “You’re right, I suck.”

  7. cockerspanail1234567 says:

    Yes there are ticks in ny

  8. MrJackie342 says:

    Are there ticks in new york

  9. MrJackie342 says:

    Are there ticks in ny

  10. barakost says:

    omg, i have seen many tics in my life and this is NOT what you do.. hahah plus this tick looks weird, i guess europian ticks look different haha

  11. pinkgalore06 says:

    they are icky… just got one off but im used to it becuz of where i live.

  12. 19Jones91 says:

    She pronounced Oregon Or-uh-gawn.

  13. delightracardeanne says:

    .. did he really just say it would travel through your bloodstream, get to your heart, regrow a body, and start eating you alive?… WHERE did he get that nugget of “info”?

  14. crazydude694 says:

    one of those guys look like wee man from jackass

  15. xvoy2002 says:

    I wouldn’t even know what a tick looks like, or if i had one!

  16. LadyShyye says:

    Mom was right to be concerned. Ticks carry lime disease. Not a fun thing.

  17. Jansen1403 says:

    The head can travel through the blood and go into the heart and regrow its body……….. again…americans must be one of the dumbest people in the world.

  18. freakinpink01 says:

    the oen with the blonde curls is gorgeous *_*

  19. dinoant86 says:

    um, the whole tick regrowing from the head is BS. Use flat headed tweezers to slowly pull the tick out

  20. bIgDoG199100 says:

    hes small very small!

  21. rockyIV0100 says:

    my best friend is a little guy :) And he is best friend ever

  22. Joe Teunissen says:

    2.46 bad time on camera grabbing there !

  23. ChaseTerrier says:

    0:49 Muellar admits that he sucks…I am sure he sucks a lot of dick

  24. nerdfreakproduction says:

    u pull it out lol

  25. iGoes4thebacon says:

    Put oil barrels around the house then nuke it

  26. MrAnubis1988 says:

    Good one.

  27. joey faulkner says:

    i live in a room full of dics

  28. UntouchableChechus says:

    Why did I just watch this before I go to sleep! Where do these things come from?

  29. Vedrovic says:

    still better than american horrors :D

  30. shaolinmonkboy1 says:

    my back started to itch

  31. SusanRandy says:


  32. zombiehedgehog98 says:

    i say we should nuke it

  33. nezomega says:


  34. DaydreamersNationPro says:

    ever since i watched this show, whenever theres a bug in my house im like “NOOOOOOOOO” *grab bug spray, squish,kill get rid of* i like freak out. my first thought is. ‘infestation?????’

  35. DrowMistress says:

    I know that feel bro. I found one in my bed this morning. I shot NOT be watching this. Oh well. No sleep for me.

  36. LADjsim says:


  37. precisionbody says:

    You see this is why i should not watch these videos after finding a tick on me……….

  38. joey faulkner says:

    were the fuck are thoas things located

  39. ArmyRanger841 says:

    I would just run away from the house but before I would get the hell out of there I would burn the house down

  40. princeace2007 says:

    I hate TICKS! I’ve been bit bye them before and it itches for months -_-

  41. TheTunafish7428 says:

    Me in this situation…..

    Me: babe?
    My future wife: yes?
    Me: RUN!

  42. tootsiepop987 says:

    i keep scatching and this is cray thumbs up if you have a new fear.

  43. epicness173 says:


  44. JustSiouxMe says:

    How did the house get so infested? Well only female ticks drink blood, and after they finish and drop off, they crawl under something and lay around 5000 eggs.

  45. gotgunpowder says:

    1:04 HOLY CRAP!!!

  46. speedskatingman says:


  47. luke nelson says:

    Silvagun101 SAYS got an good idea everyone grab a thundergun pack a punched and a grenade shoot em into a corner then…………..frag out boom done eat that blood sucking creature

  48. luke nelson says:

    i hate ticks and now i fear them 2:21 GO HOME AND CHECK YOUR SELF FOR TICKS HEHEHEHE

  49. EvolutionIX219 says:

    Ticks are dicks.

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