Ticks: Bloodsucking Ninjas of Summer

Summertime means being outside, and being outside means watching out for ticks. The bloodsucking parasites transmit illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Jorge Ribas gets tips on how to avoid them.

Episode 1 First Aired: September 10th, 1994 Click this link for part 2: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Ticks: Bloodsucking Ninjas of Summer

  1. vivs005 says:

    I searched “tick”….. am I retarded?

  2. jojogothic says:

    solid snake of animals

  3. FoodCubes says:

    I clicked for the ticks.

  4. helloimemy123 says:

    Right that’s it no more outdoors for me in the summer near mountains and all that

  5. willd126 says:

    I feel an itch…

  6. Mavleop says:

    Bloodsucking Ninjas jajajajaja niceee onee!!!!!!!!!

  7. 24ecko says:

    “And whatever this guy is doing” lol

  8. DRETOBEE says:


  9. DRETOBEE says:


  10. frankpruductions says:

    Am scared alot of insects in this planet :(

  11. RebecaBeatrice says:

    I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore!

  12. Schneider1051 says:

    i always wanted a tick… so i could kill it with FIRE!!!

  13. tall32guy says:

    Sounds pretty simple. If you get on on you, don’t leave him there, find a way to take him off of you, and according to this you wont’ get sick. I find that a bit hard to believe because if it’s on for 24 hrs that’s more than enough time for the bacteria to go into your system….

  14. KittersMonkey says:

    I’m scared now :(

  15. yobro250 says:

    @CoN0R115 The whole interdependent we must keep the ecosystem in tact idea is bullshit…99.9% of life that has ever existed on this planet is extinct…Extinction is natural and happens all the time and it doesn’t destroy the ecosystem like the hippy morons like to claim

    The reality of the situation is that ticks have only 1 role…to spread pathogens…Ticks have almost no natural predators and its a myth that birds eat many ticks…Prof. Durland Fish has claimed they have little/no predators

  16. yobro250 says:

    @sam4462 If u actullay knew anything you would know that barely anything eats ticks…Stop being such an eco hippy moron…Things exist because they CAN not because they HAVE to in order to keep the ecosystem in check..it’s like capitalism…The tick is good at what it does and is successful so it survives period…It doesn’t need to survive to keep the ecosystem in tact..They could all be gone tomorrow and their would be minimal impact…barely anything eats ticks. They have very few predators.

  17. GOOMBA153 says:

    …and whatever this guys doing

  18. Sujaneex says:


  19. mrjim208 says:

    i have a camaflouge shirt

  20. mrjim208 says:

    ugh; ticks are stupid.

  21. TheSnick1 says:

    I hate ticks!

  22. XDCookiezHD says:

    wtf how did i get here

  23. simplysell1 says:

    have concerns about the effects of these insanitary practices on the rest of society. Here in Britain, these disgusting men who participate in these dirty and unhealthy practices have got the law on their side. Watch my videos about this and why are men inserting eels into their bottoms”. Well done for having the strength to publicise your views. These people are allowed to work in resaurants even though studies show that they have the highest incidence of hepatitis A and intestinal parasites.

  24. traplican says:

    Tick is a vector of dangerous diseases. Here in Central Europe it is beyond the LD also tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

  25. 2DPANIC says:

    @Sparkytrooper you forgot roaches :) 

  26. ilikethecoke says:

    @cyborgchimpy During the original airing, yes. But when they Infernape first saw it it was very likely being shown on Jetix.

  27. jcoffee180 says:

    Reminds me of THE CRIMSON CHIN.

  28. zmbklr101 says:

    If no one will say it, I will…… SPOON!!! Best line in the show.

  29. Scoonertuna says:

    @ScotteDio The live action TV show, according to Patrick Warburton, just lacked direction. The studio didn’t know what they had and, because of hat, it came apart.

  30. superGose35 says:

    it the tick and his mighty chin of justice!

  31. mundus4815162342 says:

    Liquid snake? Interviewer Sounds like liquid from mgs

  32. CurseCreep says:

    omg tf2 pyros family attacked the bank

  33. DesertBloodRose457 says:

    I remember watching this with my dad on his computer. Is was long over by then, but it’s a fond memory. I often jump of the diving board at my high school shouting spoon, the only person laughing would be my gym teacher.

  34. sonic10shadow says:

    Arther’s voice is Micky from the 60′s band the Monkees

  35. MrBigdaddy1800 says:

    This was my first VHS movie when i was a kid

  36. ScotteDio says:

    I really loved this cartoon, it was funniest show, too bad the live show wasn’t as funny.

  37. EugeniusR42 says:

    7:47 = Nighthawks

    awesome. my favorite painting. :D

  38. carbaj says:

    At least we know this guy’s catch phrase is a joke, unlike using safety pin for a video game enemy

  39. Mrcrash826 says:


    …I live in New Rochelle. >8|

  40. Flynn01979 says:

    The early to mid 90′s the end of the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons.

  41. iheartryanstyles says:

    @iNvictaStudios It’s teletoon

  42. iNvictaStudios says:


    Its for either YTV or Teletoon in Canada.

  43. JasperIllusian says:

    Oh my gosh. This show is amazing. O_o *addicted*

  44. tracybuddha says:

    used to love this and eek the cat chalk the second one up to no taste but the tick is still awesome

  45. 0ManBitesZombie0 says:

    I will always love The Tick. Always. It’s just layers upon layers of genius and insanity. You can’t argue with that. You just can’t.

    It’s just a cruel injustice that there’s not more episodes. I guess they could bring it back, but people have seemingly be demanding that for years with no avail and so I suppose it’ll never happen. Besides, something tells me that today’s version wouldn’t be quite so fantastic….

  46. supersonic13231 says:

    @Sailorsega yeah my cousin told me to look it up and see if its good. it was dumb at first but then i started to like it.

  47. Sailorsega says:

    @supersonic13231 Is this your first time watching the Tick? I’m glad you like it.

  48. supersonic13231 says:

    this is the most dumbest video i’ve ever seen. I LIKE IT!

  49. LoneRebelX says:

    i sometimes get super depressed watching this, one of the best cartoons ever and look what we have as cartoons today :_(

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