Yep, doubled sister’s check and added $100 to my own!

My efforts in December paid off. My sister’s small check (normally $ 50) doubled to $ 100, which was my whole goal! But because I have a downline, somehow, my efforts added $ 100 to my own check! Nice!

I could tell that new blog articles made a huge difference. In fact, take a look at the stats from my pet food blog:

But we also did it with Christmas cards and thank you letters on new orders.

So far this month, I’ve added two new customers for one friend and six new customers for my sister. If I will be sure to write new articles for my blog at least three times per week — on the hot topics (such as pet food recalls, ingredients, and health issues that can be resolved through nutrition) — I’m confident we can keep attracting loyal new customers.

But this business only brings in modest money with customers. You really need to build a network of distributors under you. So I will figure out how to do that online, next.

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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