5 Funny Small Dogs With Impressive Hidden Talents [VIDEO]

 Little Dogs, Big Ideas!

1) Dog Plays Fetch With Self: Dog has figured out how to both throw and fetch the ball.

Dog Plays Fetch With Self



 2) Boxer Pup Gains Acceptance Into Cow Herd: Dog has been apparently listening to "The Cow Whisperer" books on tape.  [Learn More]


Cow Herd Warmly Welcomes Boxer Pup



3) Dog Will Dance For Food: Dog works for his kibble and burns a few calories

Dog Will Dance For Food

4) French Bulldog Secretly Sobs to Adele: Dog has appreciation and understanding of emo-pop music.

Funny French Bulldog sobs to Adele



5) Dutiful Dog Carries Cat Around Like A Sack Of Flour: Entrepreneurial pup provides escort and sherpa Services [Learn more...]

Dutiful Dog Carries Cat Around Like A Sack Of Flour

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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