Summer Tastes So Sweet

We bought our little Red Haven peach tree back in early Spring.  It is not yet 6 feet tall, but it has given us 2 nice big peaches this summer! I call it the ‘Charlie Brown Tree’ because these big plump peaches were hanging off tiny little twig size branches, which has been quite comical to watch! We ate our first one just last weekend and WOW was it sweet! We are waiting for the last one to ripen. Shoudn’t be long now! Just has to have a little squish to it before we can pluck it :)

This is what our tree looked like when we first bought it. Lots of beautiful pink blossoms all over it.

Now it is full of leaves and giving us peaches already despite its age and height!

And here is the yummy peach we have left on a scrawny branch. We have to pluck it before our scavenging tortoises get to it! ;)

It’s like growing candy! :)

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