TreT – American Staffordshire Terrier

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25 Responses to TRET – SUPER DOG

  1. Rachel Seekell says:

    I love that dog, I wish my ndog can do that!! Did someone give that daog an energy drijnk or something??

  2. raytekman says:

    What is the song? it is so good!!

  3. MrTiwey says:

    Can we get a go pro view of this dog?

  4. Dennis Lazar says:

    what is the name of this song ?

  5. johnlim95 says:

    dog swag, that’s step.

  6. OriginalGamerFX says:

    He will find you.

  7. Kinglevel says:

    youtube strikes again

  8. Emil Löfblom says:

    Wow! Cool video and I can see Tret really loves doing this! Keep up the good work.

  9. ICEInterphace says:

    What a amazing dog trul

  10. BigAdamx says:

    You have a very beautiful dog man! :)

  11. jarpenthe2nd says:

    Didn’t you hear? Chuck norris is batshit crazy, stop revering him so much!

  12. FridgeKitty says:

    Song’s kinda cool, whose is it? SoundHound is shy

  13. Makasuro says:

    This is the most bad ass dog on the planet, bar none.

  14. optimus5000 says:

    Wow, amazing! Best dog ever :)

  15. Mårten Larsson says:

    This for real? Best dog in the universe!

  16. vilerozes says:

    fucking parkour dog, awesome.. ;D

  17. successmentor30 says:

    Amazing! Why our dogs are so awesome! This is a great way to put this incredible breed’s awesome characteristics to good use! I want to see the behind-the-scenes training vid so you can have me train mine to do this!

  18. teufhics says:

    Beautiful !!!

  19. AlinaM23 says:

    Super Dog for Superman

  20. MrMorrisminor1313 says:

    Is its owner a free runner 2 teaching it to do it.

  21. Giorgio Manieri says:

    Parkour dog?

  22. NahniCNahala says:

    Супер. И съемка классная

  23. desdavis says:

    Man, congratulations on raising an awesome dog!….

  24. stammesbruder says:

    life before becoming a dog: human- parkour expert

  25. mc1595 says:

    how the hell does a dog learn parkour

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