Slow Cooking Meat and Veggies is Like “Superfood” for Pets! Especially Labs!

Feeding the right ingredients to dogs can have an amazing effect on their health. Labs seem to be really affected by the allergens and lack of oils in commercial foods. So many labs have come into our clinic with hotspots and ear infections over the last 30 years that I really thought that it came with the breed! The more that I preached better ingredients in their food, the less the labs in our practice had to come in with problems!

Feeding better ingredients does not mean simply covering bad food with healthy food. If your dog or cat is heavy, and there are no other medical problems, then high carbohydrate kibble may be to blame. Constant skin and ear problems may be due to other allergies to pollens and molds, flea sensitivity, or allergies to the meat, grain, or chemicals in dry food. Your dog or cat may need more oils than the standard 10% in dry food. Both humans and domesticated dogs and cats require 30% healthy fats and oils in the diet. Why does commercial dry food only contain 10%. That is a recipe for dry, irritated, skin for sure!

“Super food” is often in the news these days. Berries and juices with more nutrients and antioxidants are touted as the way to prevent illness and live longer. Avoiding allergens or chemicals in pet food and feeding a higher percentage of moisture, nutrients, and oils is like feeding “super food” to your pet.

The more I read about the interactions and variety of vitamins, the more I realize that doctors, veterinarians , and even nutritionists may not know the whole story of the vital ingredients to keep us or our pets healthy! That is why I advise the feeding of a variety of healthy ingredients, more moisture, and more oils, to keep our pets healthier. If you feed your pet a variety of natural foods and the ingredients they evolved to eat, their bodies will respond by being healthier! Commercial pet food is not good for 30% of pets, they need help!

That’s why I wrote “ Dog Dish Diet” and “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet” They both help pet  owners understand why commercial pet food does not agree with some pets. Along with recipes for slow cooking, Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet” contains advise for feeding your cat a better diet . Believe me, I have seen so many pets feel so much better by eating better food!

Amanda wrote me:

“Hi Greg, hope you have all had a wonderful summer :@) So Tess Kennedy my Black Lab has been on a wonderful diet since October 2011 when I found you and has become a new dog, before she had hot spots, smelly coat and breath, terrible ears full of yuck, she was even limping after her walks. I thought she was really ill, but now she is a new dog like a puppy again. But she started to get a little bit smelly so I gave her less to eat as its been so hot hot hot. Now I am wondering could it be all the fruit she has been eating, especially figs and lots of them. Her back is full of dandruff and she is a bit smelly, no way as bad as before. She gets more lamb then chicken as that’s what my butcher gives me, I am thinking of just giving chicken to see what happens and no fruit. She swims in the sea most days and I shampooed her a week ago, she was lovely for a few days. But her back is full of dandruff again. I don’t wash my dogs much as I feel they are so clean from swimming everyday, they get a sweet water shower after swimming. I have Tess Kennedy daughter Tara Kennedy who has the most amazing coat she is so shiny

and never smells :@) Poor Tess I feel so bad if its me giving her the wrong food or is this Tess and I can do no more!!!!! Thank you for being there, your wonderful ?”

Amanda’s dog may need more oils in the diet or more liver or carrots to supply better ingredients to nourish the skin. Dry, flaky, or yeasty skin is often mal-nourished and is need of better nutrition to help. Olive oil, canola oil, and sardines are not expensive, but can be great medicine! If your dog or cat has problems, check out the easy, economical , world of slow cooking in “Feed Your Pet” or the educational way to avoid allergic commercial food and add healthy human food in “Dog Dish Diet”. Both are available through the website and at

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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