Cool Dog images

A few nice Dog images I found:


Image by techburst
Dog re-styled into the TechBurst colour scheme. Inset wireframe for anyone interested in that kind of thing. My first rendered scene from Cinema that I deemed good enough to save to the hard drive instead of deleting it instantly, heh.

meet moss the dog & his red ball

Image by Adam Foster | Codefor
i met moss on a farm my friend works on, my friend had previously told me moss was a bit of a legend and that i had to meet him.

So i went down one summers evening and he really is the most amazing dog, full of life and energy but at the same time really gentle and funny. He has this red ball that he cannot be without and for the 4 hours i was with him all he wanted was for me to throw it for him to fetch. We had a BBQ and most dogs would be after some scraps or the odd sausage but not moss he just kept looking at us, slowly nudging this ball nearer and nearer to us, until we threw it again for him. Arrghh i wanted to take him home so bad! lol

Well that’s moss anyway, his love for the ball gave me chance to get some cool photos =]


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