3 Vegetarian Soups for Fall

4 Delicious Autumn Soups

After what was an awesomely unseasonably warm beginning of fall here in Chicagoland, cooler temps are starting to arrive. And while I’ll take hot weather over cold any day, there is little I love more than a bowl of soup when it’s chilly. (Speaking of chilly, I really need to share my veggie chili here. I’ll do it soon, I promise.)

Here are three of my favorite soups to make when the temperatures start to fall. All are vegetarian (although the potato leek soup recipe shows a version with bacon as well), and all are fairly simple to prepare. 

4 Delicious Autumn Soups

4 Delicious Autumn Soups

I think I’ll go make a batch of the black bean and salsa soup right now. And check back in the next couple of weeks for that veggie chili I promised!


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