Brad Paisley – Ticks (Live)

Music video by Brad Paisley performing Ticks. (C) 2007 BMG Music
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Brad Paisley – Ticks (Live)

  1. n8dh says:

    lol kiss my country ass – blake shelton :D

  2. Wolfhame TheViking says:

    Hope he will sing this song in Oslo

  3. itssadbutrue666 says:

    im a metal head but i love brad paisley saw him this year in darien lake

  4. maxguzzo says:

    I m definitly not a country fan, but Brad Paisley kick asses! he’s definitly awesome, what a musician!

  5. Jacquelynne Calderon says:

    Every time Brad Paisley takes a sip, In this smokey atmosphere. He presses that bottle to his lips, and i wish i was his beer <3

  6. simplyblessed3 says:


  7. MissDreamer9876 says:

    Hey…uh…Brad…Can I check you for ticks?(; <3

  8. DakotaSkyeofficial says:

    absolutely amazing artist!!!!!!!

  9. Bluesman1969tb says:

    @halosux4life Learn a paisley solo. Then post a vid. Prove your point

  10. lily forrs says:

    oh u think so,try it!

  11. lily forrs says:

    im a country girl and ya’ll better listen up if you dont where a damn cowboy hat your not truly country but if yall dont like country music your just fuckin shit. man i love ya brad!!

  12. lily forrs says:

    48 people wouldnt wanna go hang out with their boyfriend or girlfriend

  13. lemerhmerh says:

    LMAO! my microbiology professor sent me here ;)  he said only microbiologists can fully appreciate this song lol ahahaha totally get what he means now xD

  14. AshLopez84 says:

    Brad Paisley put on the best concert I have ever seen. He has it all. Talent, looks and personality, I love that man!

  15. wilkadaddy says:

    i just found a tick, thanks for the tip brad

  16. JackFuzz73 says:

    I tend to like Hank III’s country more – to each his own hey !

  17. Corey Cook says:

    That intro riff is so damn killer

  18. ridethelightning247 says:

    If we’re talking about guitar players after 1993 i’d have to agree with you

  19. ChickCrazy234 says:

    Hell yeah

  20. Ryanmiller70 says:

    I hate seeing trolls in the comments of these music videos saying country sucks. Country is the best music genre ever and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my country ass.

  21. worrie940918 says:

    you are ignorant.

  22. yoshiman9385 says:

    This is what real music sounds like, everybody.

  23. halosux4life says:

    the guitar in country is very easy!

  24. warmachineEx2 says:

    kiss’s cocerts were badass, but terrible music

  25. Dncrgurl says:


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