9 Boho Dresses I Love for Fall

9 Boho Dresses I Love for Fall
1. Rose Print Maxi Dress ($ 168)   |    2. Black Tiered Midi Dress ($ 118)   |   3. Floral Babydoll Dress ($ 148)   |   4. Brown Floral Maxi Dress ($ 168)   |   5. Navy Floral Maxi Dress ($ 168)  |   6. Pink Velvet Midi Dress ($ 198)   |   7. Black and White Floral Tiered Maxi ($ 228)   |   8. Corduroy Tiered Midi Dress ($ 168)   |   9. Wine Tunic Dress ($ 198)

I have sort of a summer uniform that consists of one of two looks. The first is cut off denim shorts, a band tee or tank, and a kimono. The other is one of a dozen floral boho dresses. (I joke to my other 40-something friends that I dress like a 22 year old going to Coachella. Age is just a number and all that, right?) Anyway, once fall arrives, I usually get sad, because my summer dresses become too lightweight for the weather, and all of my fall dresses are solid and just, well, uninspiring. So this fall, I decided I’m going to treat myself to a nice, high quality autumn dress or two that will specifically work for the cooler months. And these are some of my favorites. I’m especially leaving toward #1 or #3. I’ll share what I end up getting over in my Instagram Stories soon.


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