Can I Report a Found Pet to Te Sheriffs Department?

We found the dog yesterday and can't keep it for long! We've gotten 4 calls from our ads online and none where the owner! She's such a sweet, innocent dog and I feel so horrible! I dot want to turn her into the animal shelter! Should I call and report a found dog to the sheriffs or is that not appropriate? I dont know.
Maybe we should sell her online? I don't know!!
We where gonna go get her groomed but we have no rabies papers or anything and that cost 55 buck and the grooming cost 30! We can't afford that right now! She's a small breed dog not older than 2 yrs. She's very playful and likes sleeping too. With school coming up she would have to stay home alone and I need clothes,supplies, bags and there's no financial room for a dog!!
Gosh! Please help!
Ps. I didn't bring the dog home! It was kind of a shocking surprise!


Yes, you can call the Sheriff, Police, or whatever the authorities are called in your City. Two or three years ago we had 2 large dogs enter out yard on Easter Sunday of all days. One of them had clearly just had a litter of puppies. I posted an add in the lost and found of our local Craigslist, and after having no responses for hours, I called the Police Dept. It turned out that someone was visiting from another City with their 2 dogs, and those dogs escaped the yard of the person they were staying at. That person had called the Police also, so therefore we knew these two dogs were theirs going by the description. The Police called the owners of the dogs and gave them my telephone number. They were picked up by their rightful owners within an hour. So, yes, call them. It can't hurt.

Source: Can I Report a Found Pet to Te Sheriffs Department?

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