Hey, Swimsuit Season. (Yep. It’s Almost Here.)

The 8 Perfect Swimsuits for Summer 2018
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Yes, it snowed here in Chicago last week, and here I am, clearly in denial, writing about swimsuits. Despite our complete lack of spring here (and apparently in much of the rest of the country as well) however, the swimming pool still opens next month. And summer is my favorite season, so it’s nice to have something to look forward to when you have to pull your winter coat and boots from the back of your closet in mid April, know what I’m saying?

I am way into the high waisted bikini bottoms I’ve been seeing around for the upcoming season, as well as all of ruffles gracing suits this year. The pieces you see above are some of my favorites that I’m currently eyeing. I’m especially smitten with #6. That color is everything.

Who else is giving this winterish spring the middle finger and swimsuit shopping? Which piece above is your favorite?


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