Did I Do the Right Thing for My Dog?

I had asked this question in the cat section but now wanted to ask this question of dog lovers to get their perspective on this too…
I found a stray kitten (I would guess about 10 weeks old) in my car engine that I took in for the last 3 weeks but I wound up giving her away out of concern for my dog. I have a 9 year old cocker spaniel who has always been the only animal and baby in the family. She has always been a jealous dog when it came to me and other animals but she seemed to be dealing with the kitten a lot better than I expected..they even slept in bed together one time but i am just not sure how fair it really was to my dog…perhaps the whole thing was upsetting to my dog but maybe she was just too warn out due to her needing to be groomed badly and her age (my dog is 9 years old) and being overweight to do much about it. To top it off the kitten was also constantly playfully batting at my dog and antagonizing my dog. I am sure the kitten was only playing but of course my dog does not know that and it did seem like my dog would get irritated by it sometimes.
The kitten was very sweet and loving in other ways (she loves to cuddle) but I just kept feeling it was unfair towards my dog to have the kitten around like that and of course since I can not talk to my dog and ask her I have to just try my best to use my judgement on making such a decision.
If it were not for my concern with my dog I really would have kept the kitten as I did grow quite attached to her.
Anyway, I would like to know if others feel I did the right thing here? Would you have done the same thing in my situation too? Do you think it would have been unfair to keep the kitten with my 9 year old dog who is used to being the only baby? Or was I overanalyzing things here and maybe my dog really was alright with the kitten being around? Like I said, it would be so much easier if I could just be able to talk to my dog to know for sure, but obviously that is not going to happen.
Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.


I think it would be fair to keep the kitten. Just spend a little more time with your dog and baby him so he knows you still love him.

Source: Did I Do the Right Thing for My Dog?


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