The Egg Factory is Open!

Squirt is also laying now! Her eggs are brown, which are easy to distinguish from Squish’s green eggs. Last week, I collected a full carton of their eggs over just that one week. That’s some great egg laying! We enjoyed some deviled eggs, omelettes and waffles that weekend. :)

The hens have gone from about 5 different nests around the yard, to rotating between just two. They both use these two nests. One lays its egg while the other screams its lungs out until the other hen is done laying, then they switch posts!

These are the latest images of both of their eggs, one of the nests and some egg laying action. ;)

Click to enlarge/see slideshow

A full egg carton
2 colors; 2 birds
carton 2
One of the nests with egg
Squirt on her nest



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