Observant Dog Saves Elderly Neighbor

Zeus the Observant Dog

Sometimes people worry about living next door to a dog. For one elderly man in Australia, he’s lucky that he did. After falling in his backyard and being unable to get help, Zeus, a neighbor’s observant dog, came to the rescue.

According to The Weekend Courier Community, the 96-year-old man had fallen in his backyard and injured himself. He was unable to get up and was not easily visible. After falling, he lay in the backyard for more than two days, becoming severely dehydrated. Then, the man’s neighbor, Mick Condo, noticed his dog staying near the fence separating their properties. Zeus, a black Staffordshire Terrier-type dog was whimpering, too, which also caught Mick’s attention.

According to Mick, Zeus “was whining for about an hour and wouldn’t come away from the fence.” Mick listened hard and, in his words, “heard a faint ‘please help me’ and I realized my elderly neighbor was in trouble.”

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