My Little Loves

My Little Loves
My Little Loves
My Little Loves

I’m feeling really sentimental today you guys. So rather than doing one of the usual design/style/food/inspiration posts, I’m just going to gush (don’t worry, I’ll keep it short) about my kids. I know they make an occasional appearance around here (Essley freaking loves to have her picture taken which is simultaneously endearing and terrifying), but aside from the intermittent mention and the posts I’ve done to spread the word about epilepsy and Emmett’s story, I don’t really do posts dedicated to just them. This is partly because as much as I like to keep this space authentic and share bits and pieces of my personal life, I choose to keep the majority of theirs private. But it’s also because I don’t want to bore you guys with the mundane things that they do that I find utterly thrilling and fascinating. But today, I’m going to go ahead and bore you, just for a minute.

Essley is now 3 years old and almost 6 months into her first year of preschool (if you count two days a week for a couple hours as actual preschool). She adores it. In her progress report her teachers said she is good helper, an excellent communicator, and cheerfully participates in all activities. (I’m not sure her at home progress report would be quite so glowing, but I’ll take it.) She absolutely loves ballet and practices her recital routine at home everyday. She is still obsessed with dogs, loves road trips and cooking and playing soccer and watching movies, and wants to “make art” 24/7. Pink and sparkles are her everything (so not like mommy). She is the pickiest eater I’ve ever known and is fiercely independent (but still ends up sleeping in our bed every night) and very feisty and drives me crazy but man do I love her with every ounce of my being. She honestly is my best friend in the whole world.

Emmett is 13 months old and is continuing to defy all odds. He is almost 7 months seizure free and his development is 100% on track. Our little miracle! His story was featured on the front page of the Daily Herald (largest newspaper covering the entire extended Chicago suburban area) and the featured story on their website last week, which was just incredible because it meant millions of people were potentially made aware of Infantile Spasms (which could potentially save lives). He took his first step in January and is now walking everywhere. (There is truly nothing more hilarious than seeing a new walker stumble around. It reminds me of watching friends walk home from the bar at 3 AM in college and it is amazing.) He loves Elmo and Peppa Pig and reading books and playing with his sister and exploring absolutely everything. He is both the happiest and saddest little person I’ve ever known. He laughs so hard it makes me cry and he cries so hard it makes my anxiety level reach new heights. He wants his mommy like all the time man (the world ends for him if he sees me leave the room), but he plays so well with others at such a young age which is truly the most wonderful thing to watch. He is my heart.

That’s about it for now. I mean, I could go on and on but I’ll spare you my blubbering. And hey, you can always follow our adventures on my Instagram if you want more. Thanks for letting me share, friends!


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