Problem Solving Techniques #6: PEST Analysis

Learn how PEST Analysis can be a useful Problem-Solving tool Organic pest control – Natural bug and insect repellents When it comes to insects in your garden, it’s a bug eat bug world, so don’t panic. Some bugs are good for plants. But how to control the bad ones without chemicals? Here’s great advice from Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine. Keywords: organic pest control natural pest control natural bug repellent natural pesticide
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  1. movieslover2012 says:

    Thank you..

  2. eoloughlin says:

    Not quite – SLEPT also includes “Legal” factors. PEST is often extended to PESTLE, where”Legal” and “Environmental” factors are included.

    PEST is also sometime known as STEP – same factors in different order.

  3. movieslover2012 says:

    is PEST and SLEPT analysis same.. check out the link below..

    According to this link i understood SLEPT and PEST analysis is same. plz clarify my doubt if you have any idea..

  4. Madwex91 says:

    A very helpful video!

    Greetings from Sweden!

  5. slickdrw says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you very much!

  6. anakmudajaman says:

    I Love The Video It Can Increase My Knowledge Learn how PEST Analysis can be a useful Problem-Solving tool

  7. AntoMelta says:

    Good, I like that you share this video Learn how PEST Analysis can be a useful Problem-Solving tool, I wish success always

  8. willamricard says:

    Nice Video That You Share , So Very Nice Thanks You Learn how PEST Analysis can be a useful Problem-Solving tool

  9. imegatrone says:

    I Really Like The Video From Your Learn how PEST Analysis can be a useful Problem-Solving tool

  10. bundawartini says:

    Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Learn how PEST Analysis can be a useful Problem-Solving tool

  11. GougerOfTheGroin says:


  12. flany1960 says:

    Thank you for this video and I wish you health and wellness, as well as you can get discounts for organic products International DXN number : 1420-31106 or join my group

  13. eoloughlin says:

    Born and bred in Co Wicklow, living in Dublin – I’m very Irish! Thanks for watching my video.

  14. againstas says:

    Your Irish?! :D

  15. rezaonly says:

    ty :)

  16. rolo170890 says:

    good karaoke

  17. ky2k4 says:

    cheers buddy =]

  18. mobabur94 says:

    thank you. this helped me with my homework :)

  19. FHN1987 says:

    why cant i find PESTEL analysis? is PESTEL too recent? Why does everyone do a PEST instead of PESTEL analysis?

  20. arsening says:

    i think its fine… just get some headphones and turn the sound up

  21. TheUssr5 says:

    i cant understand this.. his voice is so low.. and fast..

  22. nissanalmera01 says:

    Thank you for uploading. I found this very very helpful

  23. jeerish14 says:

    thanks for the upload Dr was a great help.

  24. willdear89 says:


  25. bzeeeeeeee says:

    Video is Brilliant ; Good Presentation ;
    It solved my problem; i was having project of MArketting plan on ORIENT Group of Company : i was stuck in PEST analysis ; THANKS Uncle :


  26. Mycraft365 says:

    What happens when you have basil, or a plant where you actually eat the leaves? cause my mint and basil are being eaten

  27. HowdiniGuru says:

    Citrus’ can be used as a natural repellant. However pay careful attention to where you apply it b/c it can irritate skin and it can damage furniture. HTH.

  28. themrjordang33 says:

    can you use lemon juice as a pest control?

  29. dcgc2012 says:

    Hi Jordan,after you made the mix,spray it rite on the plant’s.Or spray it on the spot’s that a prob is.It may also be wise to cut the mix down after it’s made.a 1:2 mix(1 cup tobacco juice,2 cup’s of water) in a hand sprayer set on the finest setting you can get.I use pipe tobacco,as it’s cheap and can get it in any size bag up to 1 pound.And the mix is good up to 2 week’s in a bottle,but keep an eye on it,anything look’s funny,get rid of it.Any more question’s,just pm me on here.

  30. MrAlexanderPandaBear says:

    Hi Jordan here. I am a insecticide and fungicide sprayer for a plant nursery, Does the mixture here get sprayed straight on the plant or do you have it in a bottle with holes or something?

  31. HowdiniGuru says:

    Since we were not able to address the tobacco use in the video…it was great that a viewer commented on that for the newbies who are watching for info.

  32. dcgc2012 says:

    You don’t know this about tobacco??..ok.

  33. dcgc2012 says:

    ok,last time i post this..Take 1/2 cup of tobacco,hot water and let it be in 3 cup’s of water for at lest 3 day’s..strain that as much as you can.Now,you have that,add 1 table spoon of dish soap and mix well.Or you can cut it down to 1and 1.tobacco is a real powerful to bug’s..if it don’t kill them..then they don’t want to be there.The soap dry’s them out.So,why not have the best for all we try to get.Tobacco is cheap,..and soap.And yes,it’s real good for everything.AND IT’S SAFE for your stuff.

  34. HowdiniGuru says:

    Thanks for watching and chiming in with that tip! ;)

  35. dcgc2012 says:

    I have a tip.Try 1/2 cup of tobacco in 3 cup’s of water for 3 day’s then strain as much as you can.When you have that,add 1sp of dish soap.The tobacco is a killer for bug’s and the dish soap softness the skin of them.

  36. HowdiniGuru says:

    Thanks for watching…Sorry about the Grape Vines. Let us research this a bit. What area do you live in?

  37. KateJanzen says:

    Awesome tips! We just planted a bunch of veggies this year…so this is great!
    We have a grape vine as well…but for the past two years, it gets killed by this massive swarm of tiny bugs (flies?)….they always show up just when the grapes start turning, and then the leaves shrivel up and it all stops growing. Any one have any tips?

  38. HowdiniGuru says:

    So glad that you are enjoying this series! ;)

  39. 914light says:

    WOW more great tips !! wonder why I haven’t discovered these videos before now ?? Scott is excellent ! and why is Ron familiar looking ???? he is/was a news caster in OK.? or FL. ?

  40. chee13341 says:

    @HowdiniGuru thats ok

  41. HowdiniGuru says:

    Different areas have different problems to contend with.. Thanks for watching and commenting! :) 

  42. HowdiniGuru says:

    I know, a lot of people feel the same way! Thanks for watching and commenting! :)

  43. TheTubeTempest says:

    Birds are worse than bugs where I live.

  44. unirrational says:

    you’ve never heard of termite damage or the health dangers from rat droppings?

  45. chee13341 says:


  46. THSurvivalGear says:

    HAHAHA Mannimals 2:34… these solutions are sasquatch friendly…

  47. SuperMeatsause says:

    it doesn’t really make any sense that something that KILLS other living organisms, has no effects on humans…..

  48. consernedamerican says:

    Garlic growing repells most harmful pests save you own seeds and stay away from miricle grow

  49. HTCSWEOD says:

    I realize that not everyone has chickens… BUT, if you do, or have a friend who does… you can put a chicken tractor over or near your garden plot and allow the chickens to scratch up the soil, they remove all greenery and fertilize the soil. When they have everything worked over, you can then move them to another location and begin your final garden prep and planting. Chicken tractors are even being used in cities like Boston! Check out Garden Girl TV for an example.

  50. BealtaineCottage says:

    Biodiversity helps to keep all life in balance…try permaculture!

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