gardening + photography = ticks!

A few nice Tick images I found:

gardening + photography = ticks!

Image by pollyalida
Doc used a vet tool to remove my little hitchhiking tick tonight. Available from amazon and petco and your local vet. Handy dandy, much better than tweezers. I’m ordering a set or two.

American Lyme Disease Foundation

Baby Ticks – Lots (by Ryan)

Image by Vicky TGAW
Some shots of the baby ticks from Ryan’s camera.

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Image by dw_ross
Head of a female Lone Star Tick (Amblyomma americanum). Nikon D40, NDPL-1(2X) microscope adapter, Swift M3200 microscope, 4X objective, ISO 400, 1 second exposure for each of 13 images, focus stacked using CombineZM. Oblique illumination using flashlight.

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