Rescue Dog Rescues Tiny Hummingbird

Rex and the Hummingbird

Photo courtesy of Ed Gernon/YouTube


Rex the dog was rescued from the streets. He had only been with his new owner for a month when he turned around and rescued another animal in need – a helpless hummingbird.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Rex used to be feral. He lived on his own, scrounging for food, and fighting with other dogs. That’s why his new owner, Ed Gernon, was so surprised when Rex showed such tenderness and concern for the tiny, injured hummingbird they came upon while out on a walk one day in Whitter, Calif.

Rex stopped by the hummingbird lying on the ground. The bird was covered in ants and didn’t have any feathers. Gernon assumed it was dead. But Rex knew otherwise.

Read the complete story about how Rex helps this injured hummingbird.


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