This is no longer a dog blog


The above is image is the reconstructed skeletal remains of a Hesperocyon. The Hesperocyons were the first recognizable dogs in the fossil record, which first appeared 35-40 million years ago in North America.

I’ve decided to use this image to tell you something very simple:

This is no longer a dog blog.

I’ve not written anything serious about dogs in a very long time. I know that most of you came here for those posts.

There aren’t going to be any more of those. I’m sorry.

I don’t think I’m qualified enough to discuss the subject matter. When I was younger and cockier, I thought I knew enough. I don’t know enough.

I wrote this blog because I was questing after ghosts. I was questing after dogs that have long since passed from this mortal coil but who still cast a deep shadow into my psyche.

I was also questing after myself. The happiest time of my life was my childhood in the forest with dogs.

In both quests, I have found other things.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that as authoritative as I’ve sounded here,  I’m really not qualified to talk about it.

Dogs have become one of those topics, like politics or religion, where you just don’t want to talk about them or only talk about them with guarded company.

Things have just become so complex and fractious now that I don’t know if I consider myself a dog person anymore.

Many people will say that they can never live without a dog, but I’m coming to the conclusion that for the sake of the dog and for me, it’s better that I not have them.

Miley is doing well. Don’t worry about her.

But there won’t be another dog.

I admire animals, but I know that I just don’t have what it takes to be a great dog person.

I’ll leave this up for people who know more.

I’m really sorry that I have to leave it here. I had hopes and dreams. But I know they can’t be realized with my level of skill and knowledge.

Enjoy what I’ve written here thus far. It may be inaccurate. It may be accurate.

But I’m not putting any additional content here that relates to dogs.

I have come to the conclusion that I have failed, and that I need to step way back.



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