12 Weeks of Emmett

Way back when, over two years ago now, I shared with you guys a little project I was doing with our daughter Essley. At that time I was a new mama, and pretty much every parent I knew was repeatedly telling me I needed to pay attention to the details as much as I possibly could because our baby would change so much, so quickly, that we wouldn’t know what hit us. And while parental advice should be taken with a grain of salt (truly), this was something that we learned to be very true. So we decided to take a weekly picture of her for one year. In the end, it was quite incredible (you can see a video of all the pics put together here).

When I was pregnant with Emmett, I told Robbie that there was no way in all hell I was doing weekly pictures again. I’ll be honest with you guys – by the time we got to 52 weeks with Essley I was so. over. it. It felt a like a chore. For her second year we did monthly pictures which was much more feasible. But once Emmett was born, and we watched him change so much just in his first few days of life, we decided that we needed to do it again. And I know we’ll be so glad we did.

I likely won’t share one of these again here until we’ve completed the entire year, but I remember sharing the first 12 weeks of Essley here so I thought I’d do the same for Emmett. Babies change more in the first 3 months than the rest of the first couple of years combined. It’s intense, man. Looking at his first week picture in comparison with the most recent (he’s actually 13 weeks now) is sort of mind blowing. And for those of you who know my husband in person or have seen photos of him, I think you’ll agree that this child is basically Robbie’s clone. I mean, seriously – put Robbie in a shrinking machine and you’ll get Emmett. It’s hilarious and awesome.

It will be really cool to show these to our kids when they’re grown up, I think. When my sister and I were babies, there was nothing even close to what we have now, literally at our fingertips, in terms of recording the transformation of our children. As always, thanks for following along on our journey!


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