Review: FURminator nail trimmer and grinder

A few years ago I tried the PediPaws nail grinder on my dogs and was sorely disappointed. I gave it a good chance, but I ended up tossing it in the trash. So when the FURminator folks asked if I’d like to try their new nail trimmer I was hoping it would fare better than the PediPaws.

furminator nail trimmer and grinderAfter using the FURminator nail grinder, I’ve decided that I’m happy with it, and it will not be going into the trash. The motor is quiet enough that it doesn’t make Archie or Lydia nervous. It seems to have a high enough RPM that it does a good job of grinding down the nails fairly quickly. Even so, it takes a bit longer than the dogs are willing to sit still for. If I just do a few nails at a time it’s fine and the dogs will sit relatively still. (Of course, bribing them with treats always helps!) It does a good job of filing down the nails, but if all you wanted to use was the grinder, I think it would work better on smaller dogs. Mine are both about 40 lbs. and Archie has some pretty hefty nails.

I also tried the FURminator nail clippers. These are heavy duty clippers with a substantial feel in the hand, and the rubberized handle keeps them from slipping as the cut is made. The stainless steel blade is such that it handled my dogs nails easily, so my thought is that they’ll work great on bigger dogs as well as cats.

Since both of my dogs have dark nails, I’m always concerned about getting the quick. So, what seems to work best is to cut their nails with the nail trimmer, then follow up with the grinder. This way I can stop when I feel I’m getting too close to the quick (or when they tell me I am). I’ve been using them both like this for the past few months and it makes nail trimming much easier on all of us.

Disclaimer: regardless of what type of trimmer/grinder I use to cut my dogs’ nails, they always get treats as part of the deal!

See the FURminator website for more information on their nail trimming tools.

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