Cool Lice images

A few nice Lice images I found:

Psyllid (Jumping Plant Louse)

Image by bareego
Maybe 5-7 mm long,working on ID, if you have any idea please let me know. This seems to be the female, I also had some shots of the male and some mating but sadly those were all out of focus

I’ll go with Psyllid (Jumping Plant Lice) for now, thanks to the Bugman, Ed :O)

Ant and Plant Lice

Image by Oddgeir Hvidsten
An ant extracting honedew from the plant lice. I’ve never photographed this phenomenon before…

From Wikipedia: "Some species of ants "farm" aphids, protecting them on the plants they eat, eating the honeydew that the aphids release from the terminations of their alimentary canals. This is a "mutualistic relationship".

These "dairying ants" "milk" the aphids by stroking them with their antennae."

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