Michael Balzary “Flea” In Back To The Future 3

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Flea Bass DVD Lesson very helpful, even for people which are playing bass for a long time!
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48 Responses to Michael Balzary “Flea” In Back To The Future 3

  1. Luan Teixeira says:

    Holy shitaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I saw this film 5 times. and i never thought it was flea…

  2. redmustang03 says:

    Holy shit, Flea has a shirt on, this is a first.

  3. WOLFGANG1125 says:

    You and me both dude.

  4. l008comm says:

    Also if you really want to get absurdly technical, the RR drive may have been able to get out of fault all together since the other two vehicles would have been illegally street racing.

  5. l008comm says:

    It would have been the rolls royce driver’s fault, but that wouldn’t have made it hurt any less.

  6. PPEACEandPILLS says:

    Why do the chil peppers always play the cunts in gangs? Anthony Kedis has the same role in point break…

  7. MrEdongzki says:

    woow..same here dude,ive seen this movie on our betamax tape version,and ive seen this in dvd for many times now,imagine that,and its only now i realized that its flea when im watching it in blu ray..thats y i search here in youtube..

  8. Orewanandayo says:


  9. traindude95 says:

    no because in BTTF2 during the video chat scene u see that his LAST name is Needles, not his first

  10. Fettster777 says:

    Is Flea related to the Tannens? Biff is George’s bully, Flea is Marty’s bully, Griff is marty jr’s bully.

  11. laurence265 says:

    1:10 the face he makes is hilarious…also only just found it was flea wtf lol

  12. MercuryMorrison1 says:

    No its not…Its either a 1978 or 1979 model F-150.

  13. pyramidhead138 says:

    my rule of the thumb is……if the lights longer than 5 minutes, run the damn thing!

  14. SPS148669 says:

    Black truck is a “RICER”!!!

  15. TheSarge565 says:

    22R mate

  16. TheSarge565 says:

    Needles truck is a 1984 Ford F-150 Pick Up :)

  17. Michael Chan says:

    what is Needles driving in this scene?

  18. wihedoserth says:

    Maybe, but obviously the Rolls driver was rich and could afford much better lawyers than Marty. Who knows…

  19. TheJrv2damac says:

    Wouldn’t it have been the Rolls Royce driver’s fault?

  20. TheLaureen19 says:

    jaja #Flea

  21. ChiliPeppersAreBoss says:

    fleas good with his hands

  22. 9231986 says:

    22re ! its a 85 the 3vze didn’t come out tell 88 

  23. rustyATV says:

    What do you think McFly had in his Hilux: a 22R or a 3VZE?

  24. tocarmaisfacil says:

    aula foda precisão total abraço!!

  25. Mokkatomic says:

    as a bassist, I have always had a thing for Flea. I will never in a heartbeat recommend these shitty basses with his name on it, to anyone though

  26. rockolie666 says:

    What a Boss

  27. Ryuzaki59L says:

    I believe that WOLFGANG1125 may be a grammar troll.

  28. JanUnplugged says:

    That’s not even a sentence, are you seriously retarded? And who’s Jeofery?

  29. thecompensator says:

    i dislike of you and so does jeofery 

  30. Jalenfun1 says:

    6:03 I think it’s funny how he’s so calm =D

  31. TheKouukouu says:

    Flea, you’re the best. ♥

  32. robert sitjar says:

    very comprehensive !!! good for beginers.

  33. vigilantice says:

    lol… hold the strap on…..

  34. mariellaellaable says:

    Is your personality truly that atrocious? It’s possible that English is not his first language. I hope for the sake of humanity that the next time you see a grammatical mistake you will consider helping the person correct it rather than trying to make them feel horrible about it.

  35. mariellaellaable says:

    Yes he is.

  36. thomassegaert says:

    yes he is

  37. Dakingferhat says:


  38. mokey tah says:

    huh. The reggae reference really sounded like a Jah Wobble kinda thing like on his Radioaxiom album. Cool.

  39. fugleymonkey says:

    11:30 Epic tuning face.

  40. AnFmusic010 says:

    0:16 to 0:23 thats what she said

  41. theshinization says:

    23:49 LOL

  42. NHdrummer5595 says:

    oh haha idk, but it looks cool. probably to show off the bass more

  43. NHdrummer5595 says:

    no its just that everyone to ever live should know that

  44. KnightRiderKARR says:

    5:47 Yeahhhh i love this sound (Treble or Tone)

  45. WOLFGANG1125 says:

    Is your grammar truly that atrocious? I hope for the sake of the English language that you were only joking when you wrote that sentence.

  46. Arthur Bridges says:

    Flea is realy a great Bass player I realy picked up on a few great tips.

  47. alexkim1878 says:

    His “fooling around” is better than I play normally. :/

  48. PFLOYDB says:


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