My resignation from the world of dogs


I come from dog people. Not the ones caricatured on Best in Show, or the ones who join clubs or show them. I come people who just enjoyed being out with dogs–maybe with a gun, maybe without one.

Dogs were the greatest joy when I was a child. I didn’t have many friends growing up, and I’ve always sort of been “odd.” So when I could come home and spend time outside with the dogs, it was the greatest time of my life. I can still remember those long, seemingly endless summer days when I was out in the woods and the fields the family dogs.

But those times are over.  All I’ve ever written about dogs is attempt to recapture what has been lost and will never be recovered.

To that extent, I’m torturing myself thinking that I can ever be in a place to enjoy the presence of dogs without all the baggage of the greater dog society looming over me.

I have to cut things that are poisoning to my soul. The continuous fighting over training methods, feeding regimes, vaccine schedules, and the true breed standards is nothing but pure arsenic.

Yeah, you people have gotten to me. It’s taken a while.

Sometimes, I let it lapse, but then I see something like I saw yesterday, where someone was “saving” two Trigg foxhounds from hunting and didn’t even know what kind of dog they were. The dogs were going to “enjoy” a wonderful life where they got to go to play dates and lots of treats.

Those dogs would almost be better off euthanized.  Those dogs will be babied and coddled until one of two things happens. Either their baying gets on the nerves of their rescuer or her neighbors or the hounds go off on a nice cat hunt and wind up tearing a suburban tabby into a few pieces.

Then they’ll be euthanized.

Virtually every problem dogs face comes from us, and I just can’t correct it anymore.

People are wrong. People are assholes.

Dogs are generally better than the people promoting them.

But you cannot deal with the dogs without dealing with “dog people.”

And I just don’t fit in anywhere.

For the sake of dogs, I think I’m better off keeping my mouth shut, and I’m probably better off walking a different direction.

Anyway, there isn’t much I can do. I am not changing. If I’m wrong, you won’t be hearing it from me anymore.






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