Topical Real Life Student views on Cameron and College Life

Student talks about how college life is now. Also how Cameron is changing the college system for the worst whilst giving out millions out the public funds

Conservative party parody from Rowan Atkinson

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36 Responses to Topical Real Life Student views on Cameron and College Life

  1. TheDcrapo1959 says:

    Great job Beth!!! ;)

  2. TheManxDogLover says:

    Well done Beth. It takes guts to get up and do a video for YouTube, think she did great seeing as it was her first time. Hope we hear more from Beth in the future, she would be a great YouTube :-) . Hope you do well and enjoy your media course,

  3. TheLiane16 says:

    well done great video find the accent difficult sometimes

  4. kwisnothere says:

    It actually sounds like a really good interesting course, wish i’d done somthing like that years ago, anyway good luck to you

  5. Destoryer924 says:

    Why watch it then if u think it’s stupid? Idiot :)

  6. TheLoeler says:

    wtf idiot.

  7. 12ozyon says:

    okay look at my channel

  8. 1tigerblood says:

    come GREAT ..Cool Video

  9. superman1234393 says:

    I know College is harder than High School is dude.

  10. TheDcrapo1959 says:

    Very good talk,love it…..;-)

  11. PuhrinceJohnn says:

    REAL GOOD :]

  12. ironiclettuce says:

    HAHA! I love his face when he says “….BASTARDS!!”

    Love this excellent piece of satire :)

  13. Phillip Stone says:

    I know someone who fits this perfectly…

  14. IanM1984 says:

    For a minute there I thought I read “Racism and responsibility”.

  15. listen2meokidoki says:

    I feel you and I are in agreement. I bet you like currie too. “Well, I like currie. But now the we’ve got the recipe’…..can you see where I’m going with this? Now that we,ve got the recipe’ why don’t we open our own Curry Houses and take it to China?

  16. tnrc75 says:

    “I know a lot of immigrants personally, and they’re perfectly nice people. Of course, they’re black, which is a shame, and they can do many jobs almost as well as white people, and we acknowledge this.” CLASSIC

  17. kocsogarc says:

    Does this clip exist with subtitles? Thxs!

  18. underfire987 says:

    they live in balance however. that is done and it is the balance too counteract that they have no preditors. nature is not an extreme of good, but an balance of all feelings and emotions, their is no black and white not even a grey area, but infinite views full of the colors we can see and not see. this is what i mean, they live in the balance whyll humanity is the ONLY thing that does not. a spirit will inhabit any body be it human or lion or what ever, life is about experince

  19. ThatMrBobicus says:

    Nature is somewhat brutal. Many animals kill their young; when a rival male lion takes over another pride, they will often commit infanticide and kill any cubs which are not theirs.
    Animals aren’t all lovey-dovey compassion.

  20. Weissmenchland says:

    They’re black of course, which is a shame!!

  21. campainr says:

    The first scene with the handdryer – Margaret Thatcher a load of hot air – brilliant.


    WOW!! This is just brilliant

    What happened to edgy comedy like this? BBC, ITV, Channel4 etc. are all too scared nowadays I think

  23. WeTheStrange says:

    This was from the first series in 1979.

  24. cableguy786 says:

    I love the way Rowan says BASTARDS

  25. grantmitch1 says:

    I have a degree in bollocks and I can tell you that your comments are absolute… well bollocks.

  26. MattyMMW says:

    completely the opposite of the modern day conservatives the real cons dont ever tell the truth unlike there comical counterparts

  27. martinessvt says:

    This is the best sketch ever

  28. underfire987 says:

    u mean humanity? well then yes . also the inslavement and through massed farms ect is just as horrific. idk how most humans can feel good about themselves and their race.

  29. maham21jan says:

    aren’t the people DOING the genocide real animals?

  30. superben5000 says:

    This party feels that we’ve been just a little too soft on these……..BASTARDS lol

  31. underfire987 says:

    love comedy. that said, i grow tired of mankinds arrogance in thinking animals are some how lower than mankind. lol , animals wont betray their family too be genocided if it would save their own life. animals dont leave their offspringe in a walmart toilet and walk away. that said good vid.

  32. supertweeny101 says:

    guyz, this is a comedy video. do we need to fill the comments with immigration debating?

  33. indusvalleytrooper says:

    Also you CAN smack your children as long as you don’t leave a mark ( I have a law degree).
    I don’t see what is wrong with ethnic minorities and women being given jobs. It’s hardly a threat to white men who still are in the majority.
    I don’t watch big brother.

  34. indusvalleytrooper says:

    I don’t mean to troll or cause offence.
    Back to the original point, using the word nigger or putting on an accent is accepted in the right context. my family are asian and enjoy spike milligan and peter sellers and rowan atkinson who have all used indian accents. Its when someone does it spitefully and with the intension of causing hate, like Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson

  35. sromag says:

    Your reply was completely irrelevant to your original argument.

    +The ‘imaginary’ PC brigade bring you things like – TOTAL ban on smacking children. Minimum quotas of black/asian (Sorry, that’s UN-PC. ETHNIC MINORITIES) and women in companies – Racism at every turn – Like the exaggerated fuss over Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty – but I guess that was all imagined too.

    And they were just a couple of broad examples.

    Go troll someone else. I’m through with you.

  36. indusvalleytrooper says:

    I’d say ‘mindless chavs’ would be the best way to describe people who rage against the PC brigade. People who believe a rumour in the sun about the England flag being banned because it might offend muslims (when it clearly doesn’t) and then creating a 100,000 strong facebook group about why muslims should be deported.
    I hear far more people moaning about this imaginary PC brigade than i hear people getting offended by things.

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