Moving Inspiration: Bathrooms I Love

Bathrooms from top: 1. French By Design  //  2. Design Dots  //  3. Daniella Witte  //  4. Blood and Champagne  //  5. The Classy Issue  //  6. Style by Emily Henderson (I shared this bathroom in my Bohemian Spaces post as well)  //  7. A Merry Mishap  //  8. Katrina Chambers  //  9. Sarah Sarna  //  10. Planete Deco

Here we are with post #3 in our Moving Inspiration mini-series, and still no new house on the horizon. While the possibility of us finding a place before baby is born is becoming slimmer by the day, that isn’t stopping me from daily searches for both homes in our area and inspiration for when we finally find one. And that brings us to today’s post, where I’m sharing my favorite bathroom finds with you. (If you want to read more about the full story of our moving plans, including unnecessary whining from my end, check out this post.)

It’s funny that my last post in this sort-of-series was about kitchens I loved and now I’m focusing on bathrooms, since (at least according to HGTV) those are the things that are most important to home buyers. And while I am usually able to see past the often less-than-desirable kitchen and bathroom spaces in the homes for sale that tend to fit into our budget, it takes these types of visual gatherings of inspiration to remind me of the possibilities when initially looking at them. Or maybe that’s just my excuse for obsessively staring at bathrooms on Pinterest in bed at 2 AM – but I’m sticking with it.

Just like with the kitchens I shared with you, these bathrooms tend to lean toward a minimalist, modern design element – with a hint of bohemian. I prefer light, neutral colors (mainly white and grey), and although I tend to gravitate toward those shades pretty much everyone in a home, I think the reason I like them so much (especially white) in bathrooms is because they make the spaces appear larger and less dark. (None of the bathrooms in my current place have windows, and keeping the paint and decor mostly white allows for them to feel much less claustrophobic.) I also like some sort of tiny rustic touch to break up the cold feeling of bathrooms that are super modern – whether that is some sort of raw wood, some interesting tiles, or a piece of antique looking hardware. And when all the hard stuff is done and it comes to finishing decor details, having a couple of plants in the bathroom is key in my mind. (This can be tough in terms of their survival if there isn’t a lot of light, but I’m always willing to take that risk.) My favorites from above are definitely numbers 1 and 2, but I also love the boho vibe and all of the layers of 6. Now just to keep these ingrained in my brain the next time we’re looking at houses and all I see is a bathroom that hasn’t been updated since the ’70s.

What type of bathroom design do you prefer? Have any of you redone a bathroom recently?


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