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Prevention is key during peak tick season
STILLWATER, Okla. – Even full grown, ticks measure far less than a quarter inch, yet the tiny creatures can cause big problems. In Oklahoma, the American dog tick and lone star tick are most prevalent this time of year, said Justin Talley, Oklahoma
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'Uptick' in ticks with warm Portland weather
Ticks are typically found at lower elevations, and they are very common in The Gorge. If you plan to take a hike anytime soon, medical experts say it's wise to do a 'tick check' as soon as you can. “Take small tweezers or forceps, some people use their …

Intel Roadmap Conundrum: Tick-Tock is not a Swiss Clock
In my 30-year career as an IT hardware expert, I've seen thousands of roadmaps, leaked, manage-leaked and official alike. Many were on target, yet still quite a few headed for the “failed” dustbin. Among all of them, Intel's “tick-tock” plan was
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