How to Remove a Tick [ Epi #512]

There are all sorts of different “remove a tick quick” schemes floating around, ranging from burning them to smothering them. But do they really work? In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz…

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25 Responses to How to Remove a Tick [ Epi #512]

  1. Never Trust A Prankster! ! says:

    I just came home from school and my leg started stinging. I have to walk
    through a trail through the forest to get home, so I felt it and saw blood
    and my skeep coming off so then I got a wet paper towl, wiped it then the
    tick came up and was dead. I got it off with mt fingers and washed it in
    the sink. I don’t know what else to do but thats all I did and got scared
    what it was…

  2. hsucks says:

    I just removed a tick by grasping it with my fingers and pulling it
    straight out. Skin’s real swollen, should I see a doctor?

  3. Usiel Martinez says:
  4. edwin cameron says:

    The best and easy way now is,get ‘Wart-Off’ from your local chemist
    (drug-store) it’s a freezing agent to remove warts and skin tags,put the
    nozzle over the tick,give it 2-3 pumps,wait 3 minutes the tick is dead and
    easy to remove,it kills the tick instantanously (sic) it costs about $12
    here in Australia and you get multiple use’s.Don’t use tweezer’s as any
    pressure on the tick ,it will release it’s venom.

  5. birdybirdforever says:

    No, do NOT waste time going to the doctor or waiting for hours in the
    emergency room. Remove the tick yourself with tweezers as SOON as you find
    it on you. Do not squeeze the tick’s body – grasp at the head as close to
    the skin as possible. Pull out slowly but firmly until it comes off. If it
    leaves mouth parts inside you, this does NOT increase your risk of Lyme
    infection. The mouthparts do not contain the Lyme bacteria – it is in the
    gut of the tick. Lyme is transmitted when the tick finishes feeding
    (usually after 24 to 48 hours) and regurgitates a little to get its head
    unstuck. If you get mouthparts left in your skin, they will either work
    themselves out on their own, or worst case scenario, you have to get them
    removed by a doctor if they cause a regular, non-Lyme foreign body

  6. ForeverVocals says:
  7. The Light House says:

    what a joke…impractical and misinforming. 

  8. bristowboy20 says:

    Lol… city people.

  9. Jack Hanna says:

    He is reading a blank piece of paper

  10. Donnie Ellis says:

    I’m calling BS on this one. He condemned using a match because of the risk
    of burning yourself in the process, not because it doesn’t work. As long as
    you can handle a little burn, use a lit cigarette. I do this every time I
    come back from fishing. Little bastards let go real quick. Just sayin…..

  11. David Caudillo says:

    Are you kidding me? Going to the vet is the best answer? My dogs get ticks
    on a weekly basis, there is no way I am going to the vet every time!

  12. Rob Creekmore says:

    I’ve had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Deet is your best friend when going
    into the woods.

  13. Jerimy McCray says:

    … he didn’t really any real advise except go to a doctor. what is you
    out camping?

  14. Sarong Goddess says:

    I LIKE this guy’s presentation & style!!!

  15. inukiasa says:

    At the speed of the internet I chose youtube

  16. snoop4470 says:

    Did he just say go to the doctor or emergency room wtf. I get ticks every
    summer go outsid people. Holy crap I thought this mite help. No help at

  17. xO Foreverloved Ox says:

    Lol I cant afford to go to the doctor every time I have a tick. Just pull
    it with tweezers if u do it right the head wont stay, if you do it wrong
    then you can go to the doc.

  18. Elisha Nelson says:

    I just took pliers and some rubbing alchohol with cottonballs and took them

  19. Maddy Hill says:

    I didn’t know what my tick was at first, so I yanked it off with my finger
    nail, go for the head, then flush or bleach the bitch

  20. Firewalking Institute Research and Education UK says:

    You don’t need a Youtube video, to say, “go to see a doctor”, what a waste
    of life’s most precious commodity-time

  21. D. Duncan says:

    If you have loads of insurance which covers dermatology, than by all means
    go to a doctor every time you get a tick. Otherwise, just light a match,
    snuff it out and use the hot ember to remove the tick. If the tick has lime
    disease to begin with you have a high probability of contracting it Whether
    you go to a dermatologist or not.

  22. RandomTessellate says:

    Besides the usual cadaver, bet you’ve never removed a tick without local

  23. Thecornsnake Booker says:

    There’s nothing n the paper he’s reading

  24. Jessica Robinson says:

    I live in Tennessee and get ticks all the time you take tweezers and grab
    the tick where its head is, unless its burrowed in your skin, and pull the
    little sucker out…. the proceed to burn it

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