Opie & Anthony: Topical Dice

The lads goof on Dice’s pay-per-view.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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11 Responses to Opie & Anthony: Topical Dice

  1. Hughezy says:

    Ant doing Dice is unreal. you ever her him doing the impression of Dice on
    CSI? it’s amazing

  2. MrMadaicseason says:

    “i sell out the garden, olive garden”…anthony rocks

  3. angela1894 says:

    Anthony’s Dice impression is amazing

  4. divisioneight says:

    Dice in a Lee Myles Commercial; “Is your car drippin? Huh?? Take it to Lee
    Myles you ass!” Anthony Dice rules!

  5. Ted Metrakas says:

    Tsss tss Pay-per view…whatre ya, lookin at a piece a paper or sumptin?

  6. LilMoona1 says:

    Al Gore???? Ohhhh!

  7. newsonrising says:

    Topical dice rules! Linger longer!

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