HumBug: Ticks

HumBug: Ticks
Nope, I hate ticks, partly because I'm extremely allergic to them, partly because they're vectors for illnesses like lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and a new one from Kentucky, Bourbon virus (not named for the liquor, but for the county
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Health dept: Tick bites led to death of Pali villagers
A month-long joint study by the Directorate of Health Services and a private institute finally made a breakthrough, declaring that the mystery illness was caused by tick bites, but the report which was in the possession of the directorate for the last
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Street Talk: Wallet tick fudge Eeyore and other Lisbon Street news
People on the sidewalks turn to look. Faces appear in storefront windows. In other cars and trucks, men and women wait for the mobile brouhaha to be over so they can be on their way. The wallet tick fudge guy glowers at the other driver a moment longer
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