Mighty Mite Guitar Pickup FAIL

Mighty Mite Guitar Pickup FAIL.

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  1. CJ99 W says:

    Haven’t tried mighty might pickups but woulda been cool to be able here how
    it was goochifried. Though mighty might does make better necks than that
    pickup was. Since somebody already changed out the pickguard why the fork
    didn’t they get 1 with a humbucker opening in the 1st place. They were
    probably being a cheap noob doing it that way.

  2. Tony Sutera says:

    Would have been nice to hear how ass-y it sounded. Maybe you’ve got it in
    another video.

  3. roman14032 says:

    as the son of a sea cook, i resent that comment
    my moms a bitch too

  4. IVAN ŠANTEK says:


  5. oldfartatplay1320 says:

    Prior to this, the only Mighty Mite I’d ever heard of was a strain of weed.
    Unlike your Mighty Mite, it was damn good.

  6. parttroll1 says:

    Just wondering what the problem was with the sound of the PU was it a bad
    one? With Humbuckers / dual rails they need to be wired to a 500k pot as a
    250k pot in a strat will take too much treble off or wire in a resistor in
    parallel to get 500k 

  7. Raigeki says:

    Fun fact: my grandfather invented braided desoldering wire.

  8. Unca Stu says:

    Frickin’ string…. probably would’ve broke on the first decent jam
    session. Good vid Cobba.

  9. tootall11211 says:

    Want real fun? Replacing the electrics in an F hole archtop with no cavity
    covers. The pickup selector switch was in the top neck side corner. pots
    were at the bottom, and the output was on the end. Had to do everything
    through the F holes, but the pots were too far away and the f holes too
    narrow to put the pots in place with fingers, at least for my fat fingers.
    Wound up having to push a wire into the slot on top of the post, and feed
    it through the hole, then hope like hell the wire didn’t come out too soon.
    Fun job, yeah right. Now I really know why they’re called F holes.

  10. Zeljko Simic says:

    Dave, let me ask you a question. Did you check phase on hot rails (each
    coil phase must be same) they might be wired wrong. I have installed cheep
    hot rails and it sound great. But I check phase all time in every pickup to
    don’t get tiny sound. I believe you know all that so pickup can be faulty
    but my guess is that i was wrongfully wired… you probably have more
    knowledge about this stuff but before you throw away pickup check again.

  11. Thor Bear says:

    Wow man…………didn’t you just have like 16,000 subs not long ago? Now
    30k!!! CONGRATS dude!

  12. Tioga Fretworks says:

    That guard looks like was on a 22 fret Strat w the cob-job fingerboard that
    overhung the plastic. Terrible design I’ve had to clip them b/c they curl
    up and cause buzz de-luxe. Boo. 

  13. full stack says:

    mighty mite sound like shit,muddy as ass,mother buckers sound awefull,i
    found that out the hard way 30$ im 30$ lighter now

  14. TheSoxmania says:

    that pickup was a…

    G.O.O.C.H :D 

  15. martin ives says:

    that buckle in the pickguard is one of my favourite things, imo it doesnt
    always mean its been swapped out, on my telecaster its where i keep my
    plectrum :) 

  16. donadthegonad says:

    What was that song at 1:20? Tabs?

  17. isaac thrash says:

    Probably just needed a 500k pot….my advice would be to convert one of the
    tone pots to a volume pot dedicated to that pup…..or wire it as u would a
    fat strat

  18. Kurt Thomas says:

    Dave, any chance you can put that Mighty Mite back in and do a sound demo?
    I want to hear what “ass” sounds like, I have an idea in my head and want
    to see if it’s accurate.

  19. Christian Boddum says:

    Great thing about locking tuners is, if you give the string 3/4 of a turn
    on the post, you can easily turn the strings loose enough to take the
    pickguard off and do work without removing them. The high E will pop once
    in a while though :-) as just watched XD

  20. Dave's World of Fun Stuff says:
  21. fier fieraci says:

    My HSS Strat has 2 of those Mighty-Mite hot rails, and a Mighty-Mite
    “MotherBucker” in the bridge. Mine sound pretty good.

  22. Admiral Quality says:

    It might sound like ass because those Fender noiseless pickups want 500k
    (or was it 1Meg?) tone and volume pots where most classic single coil
    pickups want 250k pots.

    The Fender pickups come with pots, and they highly recommend you use them.

    So they might just not be well impedance matched, between the two different

  23. Sang Min Lee says:


  24. Troy Greyham says:

    You are a brave man to tin the wire right over the body with nothing under
    it! That would be the kiss of death for me, I would flip a drop of molten
    metal right onto the finish! I just installed a Seymour Duncan into my
    Burrito Strat and it sounds wonderful! The quiet power of a humbucker, the
    blade instead of a pole piece for the alignment forgiveness and all in a
    single coil space. Magic! 

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