Rabbit ear mite solution – natural

An all natural rabbit ear mites solution that works great.

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  1. Michelle Klimas says:

    Hello I am very impressed at this and I just have a question to ask im not
    sure if you know or not but im thinking yes lol I was wondering if this
    will also work on cats and dogs ?? thanks so much :) 

  2. 99redsi says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle Klimas says:

    I don’t want to take your questions and im very sorry please don’t be upset
    but to the person who asked if you can get them Well I know they can be
    spread to even humans and any other animas in your home. I am sorry for
    answering this for you but this is something I know for sure id they can be
    spread. The reason I know this is a friend of ours has a barn and has
    horses and just about every animal out there and yes they can spread even
    to ppl so make sure you wash your hands and everything very good. thanks
    good luck :) 

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. 69Grunden says:

    thank you for finding a great natural solution. Does the treatment last for
    awhile or do you suggest treating every few Months or so? Thanks for

  6. Daniel buckman says:

    My rabbits ears looked like they were full of peanut butter, 1 1/2 weeks
    later they are doing great thank you. 

  7. Hildegard Lindrea says:

    Thankss so much tried this and it worked wonderful thank you very much for

  8. doogleandalix says:

    Will any oil work – someone told me baby oil was good to use also ?

  9. Jenni Harris says:

    Thank you for this easy recipe!!!! Really enjoyed your video…great

  10. eriacka says:

    I have a question .. I found a rabbit in the street I tryed to find its
    owner but no one would claim it it has ear mites but it is solo bad on one
    of its ears its ear is so crusty and flake I want to know if it will help
    if I remove a tad bit of it and are these mites contagouse to me do I need
    to wear gloves or something but I really want to help this poor little
    rabbit but I’ve never seen this before do I put the mixture on the outside
    of its ear too if there is scabs there I’m so worried about this rabbit I
    don’t want to over medicate it or whatever .. Do you think its okay that I
    mix tea tree oil with a bit of water and spray it on there first because
    ive found on the net that it helps kill mites like scabies aplyed to the
    infected area .. Then apply honey water to the ear to suffocate and will
    the stuff drain out of the rabbits ear I think I’m making a mountain out of
    a molehill but this stuff looks terrible I just want to make sure I’m doing
    it the right way I don’t want to hurt it anymore than it already is

  11. purplexxe8 says:

    Fantastic video. I, myself, have a New Zealand White Buck (about 2 yrs
    old). He was treated about 3 months prior 4 ear mites with injectable
    ivermectin. He was given one shot once a week for three weeks. Seemed to
    have worked well or so I thought. It came back with a vengeance! I thought
    he were having a seizure, it was frightening. He’s now on Baytril (2xs
    daily for 7 days). I still smell the stench, and his left ear is tilted.

  12. 2leelou Preserves says:

    Great info! We plan to get some rabbits in the spring so having this info
    will be wonderful. One more thing to know about before we need to. Thanks!

  13. TheEndeavoringFamily says:

    I don’t have rabbits… yet… I might someday, so I’ll keep this in mind.

  14. imasurvivornthriver says:

    This is really GREAT! I’m gonna write this down in my notebook in case my
    rabbits ever get the ear mites. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Heather Bates says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am always looking for make at home recipes to care
    form y rabbits. I always have tea tree oil on hand. Great info!

  16. tjenn71 says:

    watuwaitn4? 4 u 2 post another video

  17. astrialkil says:

    ohhh mites in your hair! bugs are nasty.

  18. purplexxe8 says:

    Gave him his last pill over an hour ago, shall I try this remedy?

  19. Theresa Elkins says:

    You might want to research using tea tree oil on cats. I think I ran across
    something that said it was toxic to them.

  20. FrugalPrepper says:

    What kind of Oil. I have a cat that has recurring problems with ear mites
    and we have tried everything, including stuff we got from the vet, and it
    hasn’t worked.

  21. watuwaitn4 says:

    Imulkey2011- they say olive oil, but I bet this solution would work too.

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