Flea Market Montgomery – Long Version

This local TV commercial has made it to national TV via the Ellen Degeneres show. This is the extended version.

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25 Responses to Flea Market Montgomery – Long Version

  1. RedPandaLove says:

    His eyes made me just burst out in laughter!

  2. TheLizbliz says:

    How did I not know about this till now??

  3. Juliette Pape says:

    I want this played at my wedding

  4. Siya Pun says:

    finebros takes me to wonderful places

  5. BloodHardCandy says:

    i kinda feel sad for the dude, he’s so desperate to sell his stuff, and at
    the end when it zooms out and theres no cars in the parking lot. EESH LMFAO

  6. Skye The AWESOME says:

    Whoever doesn’t like this video, u have no sense if rhythm….)

  7. drhaggbagg says:

    like this if the fine bros sent you here

  8. Raghad Nihad says:

    Lime if you watch it in 2015 :-P 

  9. Wegra says:

    Isnt that Doc Louis from Punch-Out!! 

  10. Go Go Tomago says:

    +Dr. Edgar George Zomboss Just to cheer everyone up +Slut/ Whore +annie

  11. Alex MacSween says:

    im headed to Montgomery 

  12. 1alexisfan says:

    still better music and a better rapper than iggy azalea 

  13. callofdutypros8881 says:

    Who’s watching this in 2015?

  14. Japan says:

    Its just like
    *a mini*
    +Alfred F. Jones 

  15. tacocookie1015 says:

    Wait a second. I’m a little bit confused. Is it like a… mini mall?

  16. Ben Drowned says:


  17. Darren Radcliff says:

    So catchy

  18. Andrew Alexandre says:

    Anyone else see this on the Cleveland Show

  19. TheHafsa786 says:

    Who is here from the fine bros.

  20. Natalie Hopkins says:

    Who is watching this from the REACT video

  21. Rivas1d3r says:

    I want to sing this! Come on everyone! Let’s start a chain!
    LIVING ROOMS! Bedrooms!

  22. Cid Tucker says:

    Am I the only one who thought he was a preacher?Especially when he sang”A
    mini mall!”Lol sounded like he said “Ameni mall!”xD

  23. The44Master2 says:

    Like this comment if you came here from TheFineBros!!!

  24. Viktor Rousis says:

    This video has 8.735.185 views
    And the channel has 688 subs?

  25. xenowhore says:

    This is catchy as fuck

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