Max Official Trailer #1 (2015) – War Dog Drama HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Went out to investigate who was blaring the horn in Old Town Eureka. This is not what I expected to find. Full story here:…

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50 Responses to Max Official Trailer #1 (2015) – War Dog Drama HD

  1. ZaiLetsPlay says:

    If the trailer alone made me cry..I dont think I can cope watching the
    whole film.

  2. Jamie Chipper says:


    Omg it’s Ronnie from the Flash :o 

  3. Wesley Riddle AllThingsUFC says:

    If I go watch this movie and the dog dies, I will never be the same again.
    Or watch another movie that has a dog as the main character

  4. timmy yong says:

    Isn’t the dog’s name Riley.

  5. Tanya Uchiha says:

    Oh I’m crying! Can’t wait to watch this! When does it come out??

    Also Robbie Amell!! <3

  6. djavi90 says:

    if the dog gets kill at the end, I will fu*king kill everyone who made this

  7. Megan Parker says:

    Oh…IMAGINE DRAGONS song! :D 

  8. Zunair Husain says:

    Anyone else cried ? By just watching the trailer? 

  9. Bailey Thompson says:

    Proves that dogs are better than cats. 

  10. MsRandomnotes1 says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it…I cried watching this! Now leave me alone…Sheesh!

  11. A Yap says:

    Well at least it’s not as depressing as Hachiko

  12. Neto del Toro says:

    I was gonna watch it, but then I saw it was in a small way connected to
    Marley & Me… I don’t wanna cry over a dead dog again.

  13. contenau22 says:

    War dog drama is a genre ? what are other good war dog dramas? Is Marley
    and me then a house dog drama? 

  14. shadowflower93 says:

    I love dogs. I love my dogs. I hate animal movies. They just absolutely
    tear me up inside. Even if it’s a good story. This looks pretty good but I
    cried just watching this trailer! 

  15. Danny Schuster says:

    I’m really curious about this film…
    Seems worth watching when it comes out..

  16. TehKoNDa says:

    The dogs gonna die.

  17. Sarah Fisk says:

    Aw… kinda reminds me of my dog. Except for the breed, color, and
    personality ;) 

  18. Tony V. says:

    I’m not just gonna cry during the movie. I’ll cry after too when I realize
    I’m gonna be broke this year with all these damn good movies coming out :’0

  19. Alexander Raskulov says:

    What’s the music guys? from 0:09 and from 1:20?

  20. Loretta Banks says:

    I definitely want to see it! 

  21. Unregistered Gifted says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Looks like an amazing movie

  22. xzyby26 says:

    From the producers of Marley and Me… this is not gonna end well

  23. Lisa Moon says:

    This looks awesome!

  24. Ano Nymous says:

    people… actually. likes.. this.. . stuff. ?

  25. Raphael Chagas says:

    100% sure the dog dies in the end trying to make you cry.
    So you can join the forces and keep killing people for oil and democracy.
    Also, you don’t need to watch the movie, the trailer basically shows

  26. Bomb Waldron says:

    Good puppy!

  27. Jeff The Ripper says:

    Dog:”get the f*ck here, human”

  28. Flying Humboldt says:

    This is my dog :) Just going to say he is spoiled rotten and is most
    definitely not breaking any laws for all those crazy dog people that think
    it’s animal cruelty and “it’s breaking the law”. Please stop making
    assumptions :) 

  29. thecatatemyhomework says:

    Why not leave a couple of windows open an inch?

  30. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    Dumb dog at least put the car in drive. 

  31. swissaroo says:

    I guess the dog just wanted to say he had a hot date lined up and was a
    little horny and eager to get home! :) 

  32. StopAskingMyName1 says:

    damn that dog was like let’s go bro let’s get out of chinatown

  33. MassOreoKiller says:

    That dog didn’t give a single fuck that day. 

  34. PdRy says:

    Thank you for the neighbors, I’m sure they love to hear a continuous horn
    like that.
    I hope one day, horns will be totally removed from cars, it’s just a tool
    to scream louder than you can.
    Since it can be useful in very rare cases, they should make a horn that
    only works 3 times/day no longer than 3 sec each.

  35. tanita andrade says:

    This is too damn cute haha

  36. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Dogs are so much smarter than babies…

  37. An B says:

    HONK! HONK! #dogs #nationalpuppyday 

  38. Everton Chierici says:

    Probably don’t know that HE are buzzing 

  39. Jakob Ginzburg says:


  40. Most Watched Today says:

    Furious bulldog left alone in SUV blares car horn for his owner’s return:

  41. Adriano G. V. Esposito says:

    Poor dog :( 

  42. Sergey Slusarenko says:


  43. Adriana González says:
  44. Lars Krautwurst says:

    Dog Left in SUV Blares Horn Because Seriously, People, WTF?:

  45. Scott Hammond says:


  46. Drew Kelly says:


  47. Lou Hersz says:

    Jajaja mira +Jose anibal 

  48. snois2 says:

    That dog is awesome

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