When Dog Meets Cat For The First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD] ✔

When Dog Meets Cat For The First Time Compilation 2014 Extra Tags : “dogs, babies, dogs and babies, compilation 2014, dogs meeting babies for first time, bab…
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To promote their new sitcom Jack and Triumph, Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog appeared on The Today Show to poop all over the anchors. Poor Al…

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31 Responses to When Dog Meets Cat For The First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD] ✔

  1. Mike Ryan says:

    Some of these clips are cute; but several are really sadistic: idiot owners
    laughing as a poor cat tries to hold its courage against a dog four-times
    its size.

    People really are shit. There seems to be no petty cruelty that is beneath

  2. K | n 9 _ 5 )-( o ]2 t Y says:

    At 4:20, wow, what a beautiful dog.

  3. thesuicidefox says:

    4:24 This proves one of 2 things: Pitbulls are harmless, loving animals. Or
    this is Chuck Norris’s cat.

  4. Lm Sandy says:

    some of these worry me!! 4:31, a full grown pit bull and a terrified
    kitten? the kitten at 6:35 is scared too. kittens being scared is not
    nice, and it’s not entertainment. Kittens shouldnt be around certain
    breeds!! which are fifty times bigger than the kitten -

  5. Darren Woodapple says:

    Kill the pit bull.

  6. nat gold says:

    4:28 not funny kitten too scared

  7. Funnysterste says:

    A problem with cats meeting dogs is their different body language. Waging
    the tail means happyness and curiousity for a dog. For a cat it means

  8. Destiny Jones says:

    Lol the first one makes me laugh for some reason

  9. Manny4356 says:

    The second dog in the clip is like “sniffs cat, I don’t like it, omg! I’m
    gonna try again. Nope, still don’t like it! Wait, maybe third time’s the
    charm..nope, still don’t like it!”

  10. Frosty Life says:

    Nice compilation for sure

  11. Arielle Bonaparte says:

    that cat is scaring him!!

  12. Tolindra Collins says:

    BEAUTIFUL PIT @ 4:27

  13. Funny Animals - Videoclips (suitable for children) says:

    0:53 cool dog ;-) and the cat too ;-) 

  14. Philliwolf5 says:

    The first dog, an Airedale I think…was not trying to sniff that cat. The
    so-called parents should have had the cat in a crate to protect her. They
    also should research animal behavior. The dog’s tail was elevated, ears
    pricked forward, which translates into dominance. Also, Airedales are
    hunting terriors, and that could have ended MUCH WORSE than it did. 

  15. TheStevo75™ says:

    These women giggle because they trust their dogs wont hurt the little
    kittens, then they are absolutely flabergasted when these dogs chew their
    babies face of and say he was always so peaceful and he was not being
    himself, truly sickening how they sit their filming and giggling as the
    tiny kittens are in mortal DANGER!

  16. Hannah E. says:

    Why is everyone worrying about how scared some of the kittens are when
    theres a cat in a fridge. Ya’ll consider a kitten being scared animal
    cruelty when THERES A DAMN CAT STUCK IN A FRIDGE??? wut,….?

  17. Kathy McClain says:

    Sometimes I think animals know the other animal is a baby and doesn’t hurt
    it. Of course, I realize it doesn’t turn out that way all the time with
    some animals.

  18. Stank Wedge says:

    I love reading these comments. They are the complete opposite of what you
    would find on fear video about human fear. These are like, “Awww don’t
    scare the kitten, that’s abuse!” Then you click on a video where people
    are intimidating other people and the comments are like, “Omg that dude is
    a such a pussy.” It cracks me up how compassionate and defensive people
    can be towards animals, but lack empathy towards their own species,

  19. Dany GH says:

    The best way I’ve found to introduce new pets to each other is have the new
    one inside her/his carrier/cage and allow the other one to walk around.
    They sniff each other. I did it the first day when I brought my little dog
    to know my cat. Next day the dog stayed locked in a small area in the
    kitchen and again they sniff each other. Third day I let the doggy out and
    they did not attack each other. Nowdays they play together and never have
    been agressive.

  20. TcarebearT says:

    some of the dogs were too exited, it can be very problematic in the future
    if one of the pets has a negative introduction to the other, the big dogs
    were a lot calmer then the small dogs

  21. Revias Aren says:

    Some of you people should open a book once in a while or go look up how to
    conduct a proper animal meeting. That first clip specifically could have
    gone very wrong.

    Idiotic at best.

  22. MEGABOINK65 says:

    cute video.

  23. Addison M says:


  24. Ms K. Johnson says:

    Just to cute!!!!

  25. MIKE WOERNER says:

    Cats suck. They’re not fun, just mean.

  26. StrikeTeam7 says:

    love that al referenced the masturbating bear

  27. Dave Zuckerman says:

    Love that Al gets it but the other two are completely unaware.

  28. Wermhats Wormhat says:

    Triumph is at his funniest around really stupid oblivious people, so this
    worked great!

  29. rene meza says:

    thank for the unload big fan of triumph 

  30. Szymon Turzynski says:

    Holy shit this is hysterical

  31. Jordan Prince says:

    “I’ll sniff that”

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