IMPD mounted police seeking donations for sick horse

IMPD mounted police seeking donations for sick horse
The officers thought they beat it for a while with a laser treatment, and then a topical treatment. "It came back with a vengeance, though," Whitesell said. After the surgery, Jake will rest for about four to six weeks, Whitesell said, but after that
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Germantown residents share coffee, concerns with congressman
Wednesday's topical issue: Would Delaney attend Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming speech before a joint session of Congress in early March? “I'm going to be there,” he said. “I don't think boycotting the speech accomplishes anything.”.
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Sun Damages DNA in Skin Cells Long After Exposure
The researchers hope their work will help create topical treatments or “evening after” sunscreens to block this chemical damage, Brash says. In the meantime, people can protect themselves by wearing sunscreen and staying out of tanning beds. “Basically …
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